Blind to God's power

The other day, my supervisor took my partner and me to a place in North Wales. When we got there and I stepped out of the car, my breath was just taken away. I was left completely speechless by the most beautiful view I ever had seen.
Casey Stegall in north Wales.

Wales is down to only 1 percent born-again Christians. Here I am looking at this work of God and the power he has. I thought, “With beauty like this right in front of your eyes, how can you not believe in God?” It brought me to tears knowing that all of these people are walking blind in the dark. The work from the hands of God is right there, and they can’t see it because they don’t know about Christ.

These people need the love of Christ and his grace, and I plan to come here every summer and make it my mission to bring these people to Christ because they are my brothers and sisters, and I can’t stand to see them in the darkness any longer. They are beautiful people with hearts as big as the world. But their lives are missing a piece, and that piece is Christ. I want to show them what he has done for me, so they can see the beauty that God has created right in their own backyard.

Casey Stegall, a student at South Plains College in Levelland, is serving in Bangor, Wales, with Go Now Missions.

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