My apartment, my mission field

Life here in Fort Worth is pretty different. We live in an apartment complex where we are surrounded by refugees.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to live here. The laundry room is not great. For some reason, the remodelers thought it would be a good idea to paint our bathtub. They painted it more than two weeks ago, and it is still not completely dry, so it's sticky. And to top it off, a mouse ran through our kitchen. A mouse in an apartment with five girls—that's bad news. He took the scenic route to Laura's heel and over Robyn's foot. They finished baking while standing on chairs.

Its hard not to think about all the negatives, but then I remember God has a reason for placing me exactly where I am, and I can't lose sight of his will for me through the wet clothes hanging everywhere.

The mission field around us is filled with children who are so precious. They meet us at our apartment almost every day when we come home. We pray that our daily interaction with them will give them a glimpse of the love and grace Christ so graciously gives to us.

He's working. Providing for us. Providing for the people we are ministering to. We serve a great God.

Stephanie Gibson, a student at West Texas A&M, serves as a Go Now missionary with World Relief, a refugee resettlement ministry in Fort Worth.

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