Making friends in Thailand

The church is fairly small and has a little patio. Inside, it has pews and a stage where my Thai friends were leading worship in Thai. The entire sermon was in Thai, although Tim—our full-time missionary in Thailand—translated some for us.  I love knowing that we are all united in Christ Jesus, our Lord, and not even a language can separate us from each other.  

The church culture in Thailand is different than in America.  We stayed at the church all day, eating lunch there, hanging out, participating in Bible studies, and of course, playing games together. 

In the evening, we all went to dinner together at the Big-C—the Thai version of a WalMart, with lots of food.  I love how the Thai people value community so much, and the idea of living in harmony. In America, it’s more individualistic, so I had to adjust a little to spending all my time with people, and less time to myself.

The next day, we began our job, helping teach English at the Baptist Student Center. We will get to teach at night, and then meet earlier in the evening individually with students so that they can practice their English conversationally. 

Along the way, I am making many Thai friends—a few Christians at the church and a lot at the beach and the student center  who don’t know Jesus. Pray for my new friends— Noon, Poy, Front, Eung, and Lukpoo—as I meet  with each of them to help them with their conversational English.  Pray that softens their heart to each time I mention the words Jesus, God, Christians or church. Pray that God stirs up their curiosity. Pray for my team to not grow weary or tired, but to always acknowledge the power that is at work within us given to us by the Holy Spirit. Pray that we can fully immerse ourselves in the culture, and not long for things back home. Pray that we remember our home is where Jesus takes us to serve him, not where we are comfortable and complacent.
Puthica Sok, a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, is serving with Go Now Missions in Thailand.

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