Holy Spirit at work in Thailand

The appointments involve having lunch, going to the mall together, checking out the museum, walking around the campus and just spending time together. During this time, we are able to create and develop relationships, learn more about their lives and culture, and get to share with them the hope that lives within us. After that, we head to the Baptist Student Ministry all evening, until about 9 p.m. This is where I indulge my deep passion for teaching, leading free English Bible class.
Recently, I taught about Saul persecuting the church, Saul’s conversion, and finally the Parable of the Lost Son.  And then, I tied the gospel into the last story I shared and drew an illustration on the board. Ears attentive, all eyes fixed to the front of the class, when I asked what they want to learn next, one of the students replied with earnest interest, “I want to learn more about Jesus.” 

Beaming with joy, I began by teaching about the birth of Jesus. I would repeatedly ask the class, “Kao jai mai kha?” That means, “Do you understand?”

Even as I was writing this, one my Thai friends asked me to tell more about God. They have many questions regarding God.  Wow, Pra-winyan-bori-suit (“Holy Spirit” in Thai) is really at work here.

Puthica Sok, a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, is serving with Go Now Missions in Thailand.

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