Rain or shine

We were nervous as the day started out. Rain had been pouring all morning long, and the block party was to begin at 2 p.m. When we arrived at the church at 11 a.m., we were soaked from head to toe. 

Greeting us at the door was a sister from the church. She was pulling coolers out of the closet and shuffling sodas back and forth through the church. I was amazed to see she was still setting up the block party with rain showering on her head. 

As we began to talk with her, she kept looking up at the sky saying: “Come on Lord, let the sun come out. We’ve got time.”  It soon became the prayer we were all voicing.  It seemed the faith of this one woman was infectious, and before you knew it, everyone was outside in the rain setting up tents, moving tables and chairs. 

Around 1:30 the rain completely ceased. Praise the Lord, we rejoiced. Throwing paper towels from one person to another, we were determined to dry every last drop of water from the site. We pushed mud and water and trash down the street with brooms, pulled all the food from the kitchen to set it up.  By 2 p.m., as the community started to roll in, everything was in place.  It ended up being the largest block party we had worked all summer, and it was an even larger sign of faith and prayer being able to move mountains.

Angela Westmoreland, a student at Texas State  University, served in Philadelphia with Go Now  Missions.

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