Let God do it

Recently I was thinking about this, and also feeling down from both physically ill and homesick. I was headed to my apartment to get ready for a trip to the doctor's office and had to get on a bus—a big, crowded, stuffed-with-people, really-hot-on-the-inside, standing-room-only bus. I was sort of grumpy, not really wanting to be near anyone or move at all.  I just wanted to stand there, take care of my belongings and zone out.

In the middle of trying to do this I start to notice two students standing next to me speaking English. I realized it was a good opportunity to meet new people, but I didn’t feel well and decided I’d rather just stand there. ??About two stops before my apartment the two students come up and started talking to me. They asked me a lot of questions and told me how they would love to show me around their campus. I ended up having to get off the bus with them at their stop, which was within walking distance of my apartment. We exchanged info and made plans to meet later this week.

This will be my first time to visit that campus and I hope to be able to meet a whole new group of students there.  The awesome thing about all this is that on my way to get on the bus I was praying: "God, seriously, I give up. I feel like we've tried so many things and we're not reaching people. So, really, I give up. I know that you're powerful enough to do this without me, so do it Lord. Do something, anything, but I give up."

I had been trying to do things with my own strength my whole life, and it was just so great to see that when we really desire to be used by God, he will be faithful to use us.

Jon, a student at the University of Texas at El Paso, is serving in East Asia with Go Now Missions. His last name is withheld for security reasons.

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