South Asia human trafficking

South Asia: Rescue and restoration

The organization we are working with here in South Asia focuses on rescuing girls from human trafficking before they cross an international border. We have learned that once a girl crosses, if she isn’t rescued within 48 hours, you can consider her lost in the trafficking world.

It is amazing to hear about all the miracles that have happened through the ministry of Restoration House. At times it is hard to believe, but our God is amazing and works in marvelous ways.

Many obstacls to face

The organization has rescued hundreds of girls, but since funds are low and there are many obstacles to face, only some of the girls can make it into the safe house. But all the girls receive some counseling and are educated about trafficking. Some of the girls already had been trafficked domestically and others were being trafficked.

The girls in the safe houses are considered high-risk. This is where I will be spending the entire time in South Asia, living with 18 girls who were rescued, three translators, a housemother and three teammates

Girls who have been rescued have become the women that stand at the border and rescue other girls, or they become church planters in their villages. It is amazing to see that only through Jesus have these girls been able to find an identity and the courage to turn around and help other girls who could possibly be in the same situation they were in.


God is sovereign

I’m awestruck at how God is sovereign and mighty to save.

Half of the girls in the house have accepted Jesus. We will be doing discipleship and just plain listening to their stories. They all have a story, and we want to laugh with them, cry with them and just be the support they need. This only happens because Jesus has healed us and restored us. We can only give the hope he has given us.

Jessica, a student at the University of Texas in Austin, is serving with Go Now Missions in South Asia. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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