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South Asia: Light breaks through darkness

It was a crazy awesome miraculous first week at Restoration House, a ministry that focuses on rescuing girls from human trafficking. When we arrived, we found out four girls were very sick, and the supervisor suggested some of the girls were being attacked spiritually.

It was more intense than I ever imagined. The girls said they could audible hear voices telling them to kill themselves and harm others. It took several days before they could approach us and tell us this.

Now we have new sisters in the family of God. The girls who were being attacked turned away from the other things they worshiped and decided to follow Jesus.

Spiritual warfare continued. On one occasion, our translator began to choke up and lost her voice. When we brought the other translator in, the exact same thing happened. Then a girl began yelling, telling us that someone was yelling horrendous things at her.

After two hours of praying by four Christians, we finally were able to share the gospel. There was a moment of thick darkness, but light came through and the girl chose Jesus.

Everyday here has been very intense. We have heard several stories that truly make my heart break. I don’t understand why these girls have had to suffer so much, but I know that I have placed my faith in the one true Redeemer. Jesus is the only one who can color their world and make beautiful things. We have also heard beautiful stories of redemption about girls that were trafficked and rescued.

It has been a few days but it feels like months. I’m being stretched in new ways and taken into areas of my walk that I was not sure I was ready for, but the greatest Counselor of all has made me courageous and guides me faithfully.

Jessica, a student at the University of Texas in Austin, is serving with Go Now Missions in South Asia. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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