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Peru: Don't give up

As I prepare the lessons for the kids in the children’s ministry and feeding program here in Peru, I have found out it’s quite a challenge, because these kids do not want to learn.

They want to eat and leave. I pray God uses me so that through me, his word touches their hearts. The third day of being with the kids, I started getting discouraged, because they weren’t paying attention. They were loud, and they wanted to leave. On top of that, I wasn’t feeling well physically. It seemed like everything was adding up to bring me down.

Long way to go

I said: “God, please help me, because it’s too soon for me to feel this way. I have a long way to go.” God answered my prayer fast! I thought of a different way to approach the kids. One day we did a story, the next we did a character from the Bible, the next crafts, the following review, and Friday is game day.

For our first game day, we held a Jeopardy-style competition. The kids loved it. The questions were over everything we had covered during the week. I taught Dina, the pastor’s wife, how to do it, too. It was a success. We made our own game with poster boards and index cards. All kids got a treat for saying their memory verse and the winning team got an extra treat.

Preparing for teaching takes much time. I am finding out that my days go by so fast. I wake up at 7 a.m. and work until evening. I am getting to know the people here and seeing how things are similar to and different than what I know. There are not many members in this church.

Pray for revival

The pastor said that there was a time where this church had many members, but things happen. Some have moved to another city, but many people have gotten discouraged. I pray God touches each and every heart of all the members of this church. I pray God brings revival and that he calls this town to himself. The literacy level here is so low. Many of the kids do not want to go to college, and many of the kids are alone all day, because their parents are working or no longer there.

We need much prayer so that God gives us wisdom. Pray that every word that comes out of my mouth goes deep into their hearts. It placed a smile on my face and brought joy to my heart when one of the kids said that he was going to place his “masterpiece” on his wall because it was beautiful.

Janet Ruiz, a student at the University of Texas-Pan American, is serving with Go Now Missions in Peru.

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