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Oklahoma: Two quotes sum it up

Two quotes describe my time here at the Baptist Children’s Home in Oklahoma City. The first one is, “Every child is a gift from God.” The second is, “God does not call the equipped; he equips the called.” Every day this past week, I have seen these two quotes played out in my life.

sarah highes119Sarah HughesFirst, as I spend hours with these kids each day, I constantly remind myself each one is a gift and should be treated that way. I paid special attention to them, and every day, I realized they all are truly amazing people. When you stop seeing them as just kids and start seeing them as gifts from God, the Lord will start to show you how wonderfully each one is made. They all are different but still magnificent in their own way. This was really an eye-opening experience for me. 

The past week has been a lot of planning, organizing, and just doing things that I am not used to. It has been sort of stressful, and sometimes I am not sure that I am the right person to handle it. But then I remember that God will equip those that are called to do his work. So, each day, I give it my all and do as God has asked me.

I put my fear of not being good enough behind me, and I focus on pouring God’s love into these young lives. I have only been here one week, but this mindset has helped me a lot and has made this trip an amazing experience already. I know this is just the beginning of a life-changing summer.

Sarah Hughes, a student a Lamar University, is serving at Baptist Children's Home in Oklahoma City with Go Now Missions.

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