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Orlando: ‘God gave me a new heart’

Wow! Honestly that is all that I can say so far. Each day that I go to Give Kids The World, I fall in love with it more and more. Not a day goes by that I don’t see something there that amazes me. These children have a special way of making your heart just melt.

paula johnson124Paula JohnsonI was leaving my shift at the Ice Cream Palace around noon, and it was raining very heavily, like it has done basically every day in Florida since I have been here. When I walked out, I saw a family sitting under the covering of the building trying to stay dry. Since stepping onto Give Kids the World property, I told myself if I ever just saw a family sitting, I would go over and say hello to them.

After greeting them, I noticed that the wish child’s button said that she was from Hutto. So, insistently we connected, because we were both from Texas. The little girl was 7 years old and the bubbliest little girl I had ever met. I soon found out it was her last day at Give Kids the World, so I asked her about her favorite part of the trip. She said it was when Mayor Clayton tucked her into bed on Monday night.

I then went on to tell the family that I was from Houston. The girl said: “That’s where I go to the hospital. I go to Texas Children’s Hospital” She then added, “Yeah, that’s where God gave me a new heart, and that is why I am here on vacation” I was in so much shock, I started to tear up. Soon after that, I had to leave the family. When I did, the little girl jumped out of her mom’s lap and gave me a hug goodbye.

It was with great joy that I walked off leaving the little girl. It is in those kinds of moments God speaks to you. I was very thankful to have stopped, even though I was in a rush and had a conversation with the little girl. She will now forever be in my heart. The children that I meet here are changing my life right in front of my eyes.

Always remember that you are never too busy to stop and talk to someone. God is never too busy to talk to us. 

Paula Johnson, a student at Howard Payne University, is serving at Give Kids the World in Orlando, Fla., with Go Now Missions.

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