Spain: Let the little children come

Spain: Let the little children come

It is my absolute joy to serve on the mission field this summer in Dénia, Spain. The Baptist church that I'm working alongside is located next to the private school where I spend many hours each day teaching English and helping the local teachers.

hillary mcnutt130Hillary McNuttThe school itself is not affiliated with the church, but it offers one optional class each week for children to learn ethics and morals, which is where we get to share the gospel through reading the Bible in English. Being vocal about my faith may seem like a formidable challenge to some, but I am determined to show the love, joy, and hope of Christ to these children.

Getting to spend time with the kids is so great—even better than I expected. My favorite group to work with is the baby class (ages 8 months to 2 years,) but I work daily with ages 8 months to 7 years old. All of the kids are so sweet and beautiful, and I’m learning so much from them, even though I thought that I was the one who would be teaching them.

Kids and the Kingdom

It's amazing to see just how profound Jesus' statement was in Matthew 19:14; “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” They don’t wear watches, because they aren’t worried about time. They trust that I’m going to make good decisions for them and that they can follow me.

These kids love me so easily and quickly. I am genuinely excited to spend each day with them. I often see them upset or angry with each other. My reaction is rarely anger, but usually just thinking: “Silly little ones, that’s not worth crying over!”

One day, I was with the 5-year-olds, and they were going to the pool that afternoon. One boy was crying so much and I couldn't figure out why. The teacher later told me he was anxious, because the pool makes him nervous. Once he gets in, he has a blast. It’s just getting in that is hard.

God consoles us

Also, it’s so sweet to console them. They may be distraught over nothing, but I still hold them tight and tell them that everything will be OK. All of this teaches me I should have the same trust and faith, love easily, and know that God will always be there for me to correct me when I’m wrong and comfort me when I’m upset. Even if I’m upset over something very silly, he still cares because I care.

My Father in heaven is sincerely thrilled to spend each day with me. I can always trust he has something better for me than I can see at the moment. I’m praying I can share that blessing with these children throughout the summer by sharing the unconditional love of Christ with them.

Hillary McNutt, a student at the University of Texas in Austin is serving in Dénia, Spain, with Go Now Missions.

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