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Vancouver: Relating to people, making disciples

A lot of our first week here in Vancouver was spent learning, seeing, planning, soaking in the city and surrounding areas. We ventured to downtown Vancouver, a place where some of the wealthiest people are literally two blocks from the poorest ZIP code in the country. The contrast was remarkable, but the people were still that—people, which means that they are in need of the gospel as we are. 

kasey chinn81Kasey ChinnWe drove down the “Highway to Heaven,” a street known for its numerous religious buildings. There were temples next to mosques next to churches. Peoples who are enemies in other parts of the world are neighbors here. There is a lot of diversity in this area, with a large Asian population, as immigrants from all over the world have come here. We will learn about relating to all people. 

Many in the city as are wealthy. It might be a challenge for people who are so provided for to see their own need for a Savior. Regardless of material wealth, we are incapable of earning our way to heaven, and the incredible love of a God whose Son’s life, death and resurrection gives us life eclipses any temporary thrills. But this can be hard to see when the world gets in the way.

Our hope is to meet people and make friends in this city, and we want to get to share Christ by being intentionally relational. We will invest in friendships, demonstrate love and impact people for the sake of the gospel.

This is the mission we have here—and the mission we have everywhere else. As a follower of Jesus, this is not a goal specific to this place or this summer. My goal at all times in all places is to make disciples. 

Kasey Chinn, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas, is serving with Go Now Missions in Vancouver, Canada.

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