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Germany: Small victories

We began a week of welcome in Bonn, Germany, by passing out flyers of all the events we would host. By Tuesday afternoon, the group was feeling a little hurt and discouraged, because it seemed like it was rejection after rejection—and trashcan after trashcan filled with flyers students threw away. We could not see the positive side and how this was going to make a difference.

jourdan pollock85Jourdan PollockBut one of the leaders here, Morgan Lang, had conversation with a girl, and she actually came to our pasta party Tuesday night. So did a guy that I had talked to on Monday. It was a huge surprise to see them there. Even though they were the only ones to come, it was completely worth it. We had great conversation and were able to get to know them on a personal level.

Wednesday was the last day to pass out the flyers and honestly our group was still feeling hurt of rejection, because we had expected more of a response, but we pushed through and passed out the flyers after having a really great team devotional/prayer time.

Wednesday night, we decided to bring a little of Texas to Germany by hosting a Tex-Mex night and hold a small-group Bible study. Once again we didn’t know if anyone would show up if it would be a complete flop.

Celebrating small victories

That night, the Lord reminded us to be joyful in all circumstances and to celebrate small victories. We didn’t expect too many people, but we kept our eyes out for the small victories. On Wednesday night, the guy who came to the pasta party the night before attended. Another man and a girl who had just received a flyer that day also showed up.

The best part is not only did they come for the Tex-Mex party, but they also stayed for the Bible study and hung after afterwards to continue the conversations.

The Lord is at work here

Our group is learning to keep our eyes out for those small victories and to praise God when we see them. The Lord is doing work here in Germany. Just by passing out flyers, even though its rejection after rejection, we have made some great contacts for the leaders here.

Jourdan Pollock, a recent graduate of Midwestern State University is serving in Bonn, Germany, with the Connexxion campus ministry through Go Now Missions.

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