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South Asia: Wild goat chase or divine appointment?

It really is amazing how the Holy Spirit can lead you significant places—even when you thought where you were going was pointless.

Early in the afternoon, we were told we were going on a walk. So, five of us set out on a journey—my partner; the pastor, Harry; his daughter, Suzanna; Reed, our translator and national partner; and me. It ended up involving hours of walking in the most intense heat I’ve experienced so far in the summer.

Felt like a waste of time

We stopped here and there at apparently every one of Harry’s extended family members’ houses to sit for awhile and drink beverages made with unfiltered water I just knew would make me sick. At the end of this exodus of a walk, I found out the entire ordeal had been to find goats to buy. Needless to say, I was a little perturbed, feeling like this was a waste of my time chasing down goats, sitting through conversations I didn’t understand.

So we were heading home, two extremely vocal and obstinate goats in tow, a monsoonal rain bearing down on us, and a national who seemed like he didn’t know exactly where he was going. We got to a corner, and Harry asked for directions from a lady standing underneath her porch.

About that time, we looked down the road and saw the rain was hitting the pavement not 30 yards away from us. Then it hit. We darted for the woman’s house to escape the downpour and took shelter underneath the tin overhang of her house. We sat underneath that for a while, and then the national speakers went inside the house.

A downpour and a divine appointment

I had been an observer to far too many conversations that day, so my partner and I opted to stay outside and enjoy the rain. We sat there watching until the rain had finished, but the nationals didn’t come out. So, just made awkward, broken English conversations with the woman’s son and daughter, who had shown up after the rain stopped.

Then Reed called us inside. As I stepped in the room, the entire day seemed to flip on its head. There on the bed was the woman’s other daughter, whose legs were bowed and obviously underdeveloped, even though she was 14. We prayed as a group over her, and I finished with a prayer of healing. Whenever we looked up from praying, we found the entire family in the room and the mother in tears.

I can’t say we saw a miraculous healing then, but I have faith God will use that event for his glory, because the Holy Spirit was so apparent in getting us to that house. A goat run ended in a divine appointment.

B.B., a student from Texas A&M University, is serving with Go Now Missions in South Asia.  

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