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Orlando: Becoming a bolder witness for Jesus

We are a little beyond the halfway mark in our missions assignment here in Orlando, and we are sure feeling it. Exhaustion and sickness are moving through our camp, but God is still good.

steven scallion122Steven ScallionRecently, we lost a member of our team to illness when she got mono and had to go back to Texas. We discovered that she had mono on a Saturday, one of our performance days. 

Reworking the dances and puppet shows was difficult, but it wasn’t nearly as challenging as saying “goodbye” to a close teammate and a dear sister. Her positive attitude, work ethic and desire to serve Christ at all cost remain an encouragement to us all.

I’ve slowly but surely been breaking out of my shyness and becoming bolder for Jesus at Kid’s Club and between performances. Not long ago, I felt led to talk to an employee at Fun Spot. So, I decided I was going to get a drink and come back, and if I saw somebody who wasn’t busy, I would talk with him. 

students orlando scallion425Sure enough, on my way back, I saw a guy working a basketball shooting game. He looked a bit bored, so I walked over and talked with him about his job, who we are and why we’re here. Then some little kids wanted to play the game, so I had to let him go. But being able to do that by myself was a big step for me. 

There have been several other occasions I've gotten to talk with people about Jesus, as well. 

Every day it gets a bit easier to listen to and obey God. Every moment I look forward to what the Lord is going to do next.

Steven Scallion, a student at Texas State University, is serving with Go Now Missions in Orlando, Fla.

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