Quebec: An unexpected welcome home

Quebec: An unexpected welcome home

I was extremely fearful about returning home after serving this summer on the mission field in Quebec.

As my time wrapped up in Canada and the day approached for me to return back home, all I could think about was facing the same challenge I face every time I return home to a family who has completely turned away from God. A family who doesn't understand my desire to serve the Lord. A family who doesn’t take Christianity seriously. A family who, no matter how hard I tried to be an example for, would not accept the fact that Christ can and does completely restore and completely satisfy everyone who calls on his name.

Therefore, my expectations for reuniting with my family were very typical— “Welcome home” hugs, and “How are you?” questions, but nothing showing interest in God’s work this summer. The very last thing I expected to find as I returned home was a miracle, but that was exactly what I found.

A couple weeks before returning home, I found out that my brother had moved back home. My brother, years deep into drugs and alcohol, was known to very verbally express his arguments and opinions against God, especially when I was around. In fact, just a day before I left to serve in Canada, my brother expressed his opinions of me—a fake who is searching for something I’ll never find. To say the least, I wasn’t thrilled to come home and face him.

However, when I finally did see him, he was not at all the brother I knew before I left. My brother, so far deep into sin, so persistent in speaking against God, so clearly unconvinced that God even existed, was a completely new man. He welcomed me with questions about the ministry in Quebec, about what it was like sharing the gospel with a language barrier, about the work God was doing there.

He told me how one day, absolutely out of nowhere, he received a Bible in the mail and how immediately he was prompted to read it. Once he did, the Lord took hold of his heart and showed him the darkness that he was living in. He told me what he discovered in Scripture and expressed his desire not only to accept and live out these revelations wholeheartedly, but also to intentionally share the good news.

Every single day that I have been back home have been filled with conversations about the Lord, times of studying God’s word and fellowship with my brother. My brother’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle and a true testament of the great power of God. I stand humbled at my little faith and in complete awe of the faithfulness of our gracious Lord.  

The student writer served with Go Now Missions  in Quebec, Canada, this summer. Her name is withheld to protect her family's privacy.

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