Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

God truly is strong when we are weak. It was a low day for me. I felt lonely, weak and bitter. I kept thinking about home, family and friends. I felt discouraged. But God’s word says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Thank the Lord for my national teammate, David. When our program for the day was cancelled, David came over so we could look for some ministry opportunities. Before he came and before we left, I prayed that God would glorify himself in whatever we did. I prayed that God would make himself known despite my weakness. 

Zambia 350Tim Williams, who is serving with Go Now Missions in Zambia, presents the gospel to members of a soccer team. (Go Now Missions Photo)We walked to a soccer field in town with the hope of starting a pick-up game and sharing the gospel with the group afterward. God had another plan. A few young teenagers were sitting on the sideline at the field. They told us a game would start soon, and they were preparing. I could not move the conversation further. I froze, not knowing what to say. After a few minutes of silence, David gathered them and gave biblical advice on how to be a Christian on the soccer field. Praises! I became unfrozen and shared the gospel using a soccer analogy. When we finished, one of the teenagers asked us to speak to his coach. We did not know where this would lead, but we agreed. We soon realized his coach was also the coach of a professional men’s soccer team, which had begun gathering at the field. They were to play against a team from Colombia on Sunday. Before they started practice, the coach allowed me to present the gospel to the entire team—30 or so men! Fantastic! 

Next, we then presented the gospel and offered a word of encouragement to a child watching a soccer game, a soldier on break from duty, a group of school youth (where I got to hold guinea pig), and a young man walking home. In almost every instance, I would have kept walking. However, David would not allow it. He said, “Let’s go talk to them. … How about them? … We should go to them.” He wanted me to do most of the talking, but he initiated the conversations, and that was all the push I needed. I was even able to encourage David with Isaiah 55:10-11 and the story of Jim Elliott. God used me despite my weakness.

Now, as I sit here in my room alone, there is no bitterness, loneliness or discouragement. I feel renewed. Few people in Zambia will admit they are not yet saved, even though we show them the falsehood of their salvation beliefs, but we are encouraged by Isaiah 55:10-11. When God’s Word is spoken, it always fulfills the purpose for which it is sent. 

Tim Williams is a student at the University of North Texas, serving in Zambia with Go Now Missions.

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