Love flows in a Guatemalan orphanage

Two kids in particular—Carlos and Juan Carlos—grabbed my heart this week. These two older boys have so much desire to live full lives with meaning, but they have been counted out by the world. Juan Carlos has run away four times—not to leave permanently, but to just experience life outside the walls. He wants more. Carlos is a leader—the quiet type who knows the good, hates the bad and just wants to love and achieve. I pray that God will guide them and let them accomplish their dreams.

One thing that has hit me hard is the amount of love flowing while we are there. It feels great to spend a whole day for somebody else. It also feels great to be loved like these kids love; without any reserve. These kids have been hurt; they have been rejected; they are not able to overcome their circumstances by themselves; they are helpless. And when they see someone willing to hold them, to hug them, to serve them, they run—no, they sprint—with arms extended and do not stop filling up on the love that they are offered.  They are completely vulnerable but completely able to love and be loved. 

Has Christ not done more for us?  Why do we flatter ourselves into thinking we are above desperately needing his love?

Jared Brimberry, a student a Baylor University, is serving in Guatemala with Go Now Missions

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