Encountering Grace at an HIV clinic

At a village clinic for people with HIV, we met 24-year-old Grace. Her husband was a political leader until he was found to be HIV-positive.

They have two boys, ages 4 and 7, whom God protected from contracting the virus. Two weeks ago, they were sent to an orphanage because Grace and her husband could not support them. Grace’s mother has rejected them and said that she would only help Grace if she left her husband and came to work with her. But Grace will not leave her husband, because even though he infected her with this virus, she is committed to her family and bringing them back together.

globe Grace shared with us that since she became HIV-positive, she no longer is allowed to go into the temple. But she was not too afraid, because she found no peace in the temple. But after meeting a pastor and his wife, and hearing their message about God’s love, she found peace in him.

She said that she never thought that sacrificing animals to a god was good, and now she is so glad that she has a Father who doesn’t want animal sacrifices. Her husband has not found God yet, but he encourages her to read his Word and sees the peace she gains from it.

Elena is a student at the University of Texas-Arlington serving with Go Now Missions in South Asia. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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