Learning lessons at a children's home

I've been frustrated so many times this summer when the things that I plan aren’t successful by my standards. Even so, the Lord is so faithful to provide opportunities to share with the youth in ways I never could have dreamed of or planned out myself.

Recently, after struggling through a Bible study with constant distractions and interruptions, I was so discouraged. I was angry with the youth for not understanding, was embarrassed that I had failed and was ready to retreat into a time of self pity where I questioned why I even bothered with these kids. Soon after, we were stuck inside because of the rain, and all began to color in some coloring books we had found.  My partner was coloring a picture of the nativity scene and Angelicia, a10-year-old girl, asked her who was in the picture.  The simple question led to a discussion where we outlined the Bible from Adam and Eve through the life of Christ. Who would’ve thought that coloring a picture would open the door to a spiritual conversation?

God doesn’t expect me to change these kids’ lives all on my own abilities. Rather, he simply asks that I be open and available to be used by him. It’s then that I get to be a part of the work God has already begun here with the youth.

Kimberly Roberts, a student at Texas A&M University, is serving in Round Rock with the Texas Baptist Children’s Home Family Care Program as a Go Now summer missionary.

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