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East Asia: Blind but now I see

Student Missions Blog: When you think of East Asia, what do you see? What do you think of? I see people desperate for hope—for something to grab onto and believe in—for truth.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Homeless but blessed

Student Missions Blog: While walking around just outside Penn Station, my teammate, Tonya and I found Fu, a 53-year-old homeless man.

Student Missions Blog

Oklahoma: Dealing with disappointment

Student Missions Blog: As I filled out my final report to send home to my mission coordinators, I faced a tough question: “What has been your biggest disappointment on the field?”

Student Missions Blog

Paraguay: Hungry and thirsty for truth

Student Missions Blog: My first night in Paraguay, I was reading in the book of Job and came across a passage in chapter 24 in which Job claims the wicked people of the world tend to be better off and not go through as much suffering as someone who is living a righteous life.

Student Missions Blog

Spain: Springs of water in a dry land

Student Missions Blog: Serving two weeks in Valencia, Spain, was a life-changing experience. Even though the city is modern and practices religious freedom, I was shocked to learn only 2 percent of the people in Spain have a relationship with the Christ.

Student Missions Blog

Georgia: Beauty in the mundane

Student Missions Blog: My time in Savannah so far has been filled to the brim with new experiences, new restaurants, new places and even seeing a couple of celebrities. But sometimes it hasn’t been all that glamorous.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: Give up control and trust God

Student Missions Blog: As we walked up to the tree, my heart sank. I knew exactly what our next activity was on our trek in the woods.

Student Missions Blog

New York: City Fest brings good news to the big city

Student Missions Blog: It is hard to get people’s attention in such a distracting city. However, thousands of people walking 42nd Street and 7th Avenue recently heard the gospel at an event called City Fest.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: When God plans a sleepover

Student Missions Blog: It was a beautiful sunny morning. I was walking through the Fountain Park apartment complex with another student missionary, Becca. We were praying for all the people living there.

Student Missions Blog

Canada: Good questions from campers

Student Missions Blog: We recently finished our first week with residential campers here at Frontier Lodge. Thanks be to God, because we had no hiccups or accidents.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: God put this place on my heart

Student Missions Blog: It’s been almost two whole months here in Portland, Ore. Time seams to be flying by. But you can be certain God continues to do what he promises.

Student Missions Blog

Mission Arlington: Ninja Turtles, robots and dignity

Student Missons Blog: I looked up in the busy, chaotic room of waiting people. Some had been there nearly an hour, many with hyper children, waiting for someone like me to grab their clipboard and call their name.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: Happiness not tied to a place

Student Missions Blog: I’m going to be honest. I think the biggest lesson God has taught me this summer in Portland so far is not what I was expecting to learn at all.

Student Missions Blog

Rhode Island: A girl who never heard of God or the Bible

Student Missions Blog: Growing up in the South, it seemed as if everyone had heard of God and Christianity. That was just the way life was. That all changed on July 13.

Student Missions Blog

Southeast Asia: Lessons from Ramadan

Student Missions Blog: I am living in one of the largest Muslim-populated countries in the world. I got to experience life here before, during and after two of the biggest Islamic holidays—Ramadan (fasting month) and Eid al-Fitr (festival of breaking the fast).

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