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Alone in Meridian, but God is in control

Student Missions Blog: Having been here in Meridian a little more than a week, one thing has become clearer as the days pass. Being the only summer intern here is going to be hard.

Student Missions Blog

Orientation: It’s not about me

Student Missions Blog: At the Go Now Missions orientation, my "tribe" was made up of seven girls who all would be serving in Texas. Our first activity was to make up a tribe name, motto and build a shield to represent that.

Student Missions Blog

Boston: Reaching the nations

Student Missions Blog: If I wrote a book about my activities in Boston, I would title it, "Reaching the Nations." In Boston, I have met people from almost every major country on Earth.

Student Missions Blog

Thailand: Crippling comparisons

Student Missions Blog: I once heard it said that comparison is the thief of joy. I know that’s true, because I have experienced it myself.

Student Missions Blog

UTD: End-of-year reflections

Student Missons Blog: It’s time say goodbye to the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas at Dallas, as I complete my time as campus ministry intern.

Student Missions Blog

Haiti: No limits on God’s ability

Student Missions Blog: Each Tuesday and Thursday, we offer our beginner English-as-a-Second- Language course. By 4 p.m., students start to pour inside.

Student Missions Blog

UT Austin: Healing power in the name of Jesus

Student Missions Blog: Meet Neha, a Bengali Muslim studying at the University of Texas at Austin. We have been studying the Bible with her for a few weeks. God is doing mighty things in our Bengali Bible study.

Student Missions Blog

HPU: The final countdown

Student Missions Blog: As the end of the semester approaches and I talk to students, the main concern is how many finals are left and when they leave for summer.

Student Missions Blog

UT Austin: Two gospel encounters, 13 years removed

Student Missions Blog: Skepticism plagues many college campuses. On the University of Texas campus, I have been mocked for my belief in the resurrection.


Tarleton: 48 hours of praying and planting seeds of hope

Student Missions Blog: The message Jesus proclaimed—and lived—never was never meant to be kept to ourselves.

Student Missions Blog

Thailand: Growing pains and other discomfort

Student Missions Blog: Life in Thailand is so much more than I expected—and, in a lot of ways, certainly not what I thought it would be.

Student Missions Blog

UTD: Busy schedules and meaningful conversations

Student Missions Blog: The second halves of spring semesters in college are a whirlwind. Students don’t get to ease back into class after spring break; instead, they hit the ground running.

Student Missions Blog

HPU: Sweet Sleep

Student Missions Blog: Members of the Baptist Student Ministry at Howard Payne University slept outside on campus to help raise money for “Sweet Sleep,” a group that helps provide beds and mosquito netting to children in Uganda.

Student Missions Blog

SFA: Learning hard lessons

Student Missions Blog: Our prayer and encouragement team at the Stephen F. Austin State University Baptist Student Ministry led a one-day effort to engage students in sharing their faith.

Haiti: Messy, imperfect and delightful

Haiti: Messy, imperfect and delightful

Student Missions Blog: Filthy from head to toe, too short to reach the tall clothesline, and dropping clothes all over the place—this must be what it’s like for God to look at my work.

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