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Alaska: Children discover the gospel in the park

Student Missions Blog: The first day at a park in Anchorage, we introduced kids to the Bible. We told them the Bible is God’s word, and everything in it is true.

Student Missions Blog

Quebec: No language barrier for God

Student Missions Blog: God has shown me recently just how far his love stretches to all people—every language, every age and every race.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Learning and growing

Student Missions Blog: I am enjoying working with college students. They really motivate me, and it’s so awesome to see them serve the Lord every single day. They have so much energy.

Student Missions Blog

Orlando: Becoming a bolder witness for Jesus

Student Missions Blog: We are a little beyond the halfway mark in our missions assignment here in Orlando, and we are sure feeling it. Exhaustion and sickness are moving through our camp, but God is still good.

Portland: Finding value where others don’t

Portland: Finding value where others don’t

Student Missions Blog: I’m embarrassed to say how many times I’ve been to the Goodwill thrift shop since I’ve been here. I think I went 10 times within my first 30 days in Portland.

Student Missions Blog

Vancouver: Getting to know people

Student Missions Blog: The Vancouver area keeps becoming more familiar the more we learn and see. As a team, we have done a little exploring but more digging into ministry, which is hard to define here.

Student Missions Blog

Brazil: Washing feet and sharing shoes

Student Missions Blog: From Day One in Brazil, our team leader urged us to be FAT - fluid, available and teachable.

Student Missions Blog

Nashville: God at work in refugees’ lives

Student Missions Blog: For two months this summer, I am interning at World Relief Nashville, helping resettle refugees.

Student Missions Blog

Spain: A matter of timing

Student Missions Blog: My original intention in traveling to Spain for the summer was to learn Spanish while I worked with a church.  But God has a funny way of changing my plans.

Student Missions Blog

South Asia: Wild goat chase or divine appointment?

Student Missions Blog: It really is amazing how the Holy Spirit can lead you significant places—even when you thought where you were going was pointless.

Student Missions Blog

Thailand: Finding God in Bangkok's red-light district

Student Missions Blog: I always like to think God has a sense of humor. It makes me laugh the way God has placed me in a country I never thought I’d be in, with people I never would have been friends with, working with and loving people I never could have seen myself working with in a million years.

Student Missions Blog

Orlando: Making lasting memories

Student Missions Blog: After one month working as a volunteer at Give Kids The World, the experience has changed my life in so many ways.

Student Missions Blog

Germany: Small victories

Student Missions Blog: We began a week of welcome in Bonn, Germany, by passing out flyers of all the events we would host.

Student Missions Blog

British Columbia: Learning lessons

Since our team arrived here in Richmond, British Columbia, the time here has been filled with orientation, praying, hanging with the pastor in the area and his family, reading and living life with the people of Richmond.


Quebec: Letting others start the conversation

Student Missions Blog: It has been a challenging and exhausting week, to say the least. At the same time though, the Lord has been working so evidently here at camp.

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