Student Missions Blog

Orlando: Two full weeks

Student Missions Blog: It has been one of the toughest two weeks of my life. There were so many hurdles, trials and problems that it was hard to keep up.

Student Missions Blog

Vancouver: Seems like home, except when it doesn’t

Student Missions Blog: I really like Vancouver. Most of it is like Austin, but other parts are different—like when I’m wearing a jacket in June and the locals are sunbathing in bikinis on the beach.

Student Missions Blog

Oklahoma: Two quotes sum it up

Student Missions Blog: Two quotes describe my time here at the Baptist Children’s Home in Oklahoma City. The first one is, “Every child is a gift from God.” The second is, “God does not call the equipped; he equips the called.”

Student Missions Blog

South Asia: My life as a giant

Student Missions Blog: I don’t fit in this country. I have never, in all of my life, consistently been the tallest person in the room. But that happens here a lot—that is, unless my 6-foot 8-inch supervisor is with us.

Student Missions Blog

South Asia: Learn as you go

Student Missions Blog: When my team and I first arrived at the airport in our destination city for training, our supervisors gave us an envelope, told us to follow the instructions if we wanted to have somewhere to sleep that night, and good luck.

Student Missions Blog

Alaska: Life-changing encounter at Crab Fest

Student Missions Blog: The Lord began my summer of service with an amazing week in Kodiak, Alaska, at Crab Fest.

Student Missions Blog

Oklahoma shelter: The reality of safety

Student Missions Blog: Most of us move through our lives in total freedom. At DaySpring Villa, security precautions are a constant factor in daily life.

Student Missions Blog

England: Serving those who serve

Student Missions Blog: The first week of being in a new culture has been interesting, to say the least. There’s always so much to adjust to. You really have to humble yourself and accept that you don’t know everything.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Spring at last; interns on the way

Student Missions Blog: It finally feels like spring, and you have no idea how happy that makes me.

Student Missions Blog

Middle East: Pointing Syrian refugees toward the Son

Student Missions Blog: A few weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with refugees from the war in Syria. We handed out aid in the form of food, diapers and other items families needed. 

Student Missions Blog

Africa: Final moments

Student Missions Blog: I cannot believe the end is so close. Where did the last four months go?

Student Missions Blog

Go Now Student missionaries ready to serve

Student Missions Blog: As I’ve been preparing to serve this summer, I thought there wasn’t anything else to know than what I’ve experienced overseas already. I thought: “Culture shock didn’t happen to me. I knew what to expect.”

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Changing lives, changing the world

Student Missions Blog: If there is one thing I have learned while serving on staff at the Baptist Study Ministry at the University of North Texas, it is the essential need for collegiate ministry in the United States.

Student Missions Blog

Middle East: Prayer-walking the marketplaces

Student Missions Blog: Marketplaces, called souqs, are scattered throughout the Middle East. My apartment has two within walking distance.

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Students join in 72 hours of prayer

Student Missions Blog: Recently, the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of North Texas participated in 72 hours of prayer.

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