Student Missions Blog

Haiti: A learning experience

Student Missions Blog: I am learning just how much love I can give by the grace of God and because he has shown me how to love.

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Unexpected benefits from show at TWU

Student Missions Blog: Recently, the Baptist Student Ministry at Texas Woman’s University hosted a benefit show to raise money for summer student missionaries.

Student Missions Blog

Middle East: Big city, small church

Student Missions Blog: There are at least 500,000 people living in this city, and on any given Sunday you find around 30 people attending an evangelical fellowship.

Student Missions Blog

Tyler: A spring break miracle

Student Missions Blog: At Tyler Junior College, we experienced a “spring break miracle” during a mission trip to Vermont.

Student Missions Blog

Beach Reach: No 'mistake'

Student Missions Blog: Serving with Beach Reach—giving free rides to college students who come to South Padre to party—I was blown away by the brokenness of the people I met, but also amazed at how God moved.

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Planting seeds in South Texas

Our student missions team from Texas Woman’s University was in the Rio Grande Valley, taking 11 children by bus to the next site on a sports rotation. That’s when one 7-year-old started asking questions about God, Jesus and sin.

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Learning about service from students

Student Missions Blog: The Lord has been working to teach me a lot about service through two student leaders at the University of North Texas Baptist Student Ministry.

Student Missions Blog

South Africa: A lesson in perspective from a homeless man

Student Missons Blog: I met Victor my first visit with the homeless ministry here in South Africa and have continued conversation with him week by week. 

Student Missions Blog

West Africa: Planting seeds, reaping harvest

Student Missions Blog: Ministering to the Hausa people of West Africa presents a challenge. They number 30 million men, women and children, and 99 percent of them are unreached by the gospel.

Student Missions Blog

Middle East: Learning lessons

Student Missions Blog: If there is one thing I learned recently, it is the importance of flexibility. 

Student Missions Blog

Midwestern: ‘God, use me’

Student Missions Blog: “God, use me. I don’t even care what that looks like. Use me however you see fit.”

Student Missions Blog

Denton: Gospel multiplication at UNT

Student Missions Blog: Recently, I had the privilege of baptizing a student who I meet with weekly in discipleship. Sarah is a sweet, beautiful girl who loves the Lord and serves as a student leader here at the UNT BSM.

Student Missions Blog

Arlington: Evangelistic ripple effect at UTA

Student Missions Blog: There is nothing as exhilarating as being in the middle of campus, walking by thousands of students between these huge buildings where they will receive their education as they pursue their degrees for the next four years of their lives.

Student Missions Blog

Denton: What would you ask God?

Student Missions Blog: After covering the campus sidewalks at Texas Woman’s University with question marks and some information, we hoped for a good turnout on Friday at the Baptist Student Ministry for Alpha.

Student Missions Blog

Africa: Serving in dangerous places

Student Missions Blog: The most rewarding part of interviewing people for articles is getting to hear stories I might never hear otherwise. For instance, I am in the process of writing an article for a story about a couple who recently served in Uganda. 

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