Greater than my comprehension

My prayer before I went to Haiti on a medical mission was for God to show me more of who he is and how he loves. It was not until Sunday morning that I realized how all-knowing God is.

Learning lessons along the way

God began working on me, teaching me lessons even before I arrived at my missions assignment in Florida.

Learning about putting an end to hunger

Hunger FarmMorning began with a visit to the World Hunger Relief farm near Waco. We learned what the Farm Bill is and how it applies to the issue of food distribution.

Reading John’s Gospel with Peter

I went to the apartment complexes and ran into Peter, a friend from the soccer fields. A few weeks back, I spent two days explaining the gospel to him and answering several of his questions about Christianity, but I hadn't seen him for long enough since then to continue our conversation.

Experiencing a Bhutanese wedding

Bhutanese weddingA few days ago, I had my first experience attending a traditional Hindu Bhutanese wedding.

Making connections

During my mission work with a refugee ministry, I’ve been spending a lot of time at a local soccer field to get connected with the youth.

Building relationships with refugees

I have been working with Bhutanese refugees for more than a month now, learning a lot about myself, Bhutanese culture and God's heart for missions.

God our refuge & strength

One night when I was serving in Moldova, I came across Psalm 46. God was telling me how great he is and how powerful he is.  So, in the presence of an earthquake or mountains rumbling or any situation, be still and know that he is God.

Take my plans, Lord

Caitlin HiettIt was the best present ever—loving on orphans and spreading the gospel to hundreds of children in Moldova. Little did I know, I would be blessed financially before I even left home. I would grow spiritually during the trip. And I would see a clear demonstration of the sovereignty of God.

God had other plans in Moldova

Moldova childThe theme of our mission team's trip to Moldova seemed to be the sovereignty of God. Because of political unrest, we were not able to enter Transniestria or perform our initial mission like planned. But God had other plans.

Lessons learned in Haiti

Brianna SmithMy recent trip to Haiti was my first time in a Third World country, and it changed my life. While we were there, we built rubble houses for the people to live in permanently.

Jamaica: Poverty in paradise

Kevin ZarateUsually, when people think of Jamaica, they think about the glamorous luxury resorts and vacationing in the Caribbean. They forget Jamaica has impoverished citizens who are holding on for dear life.

Speaking a universal language in Haiti

Miranda MoonAs our team arrived at the Port-Au-Prince airport, I couldn't help but notice the darkness surrounding us. This country is still hurting, still broken, and still yearning for a glimpse of hope in the destruction of the earthquake nearly two years ago. My heart grew weary, knowing there was no way we could help all of them. We were only 13 people, and the nation of Haiti needs a God-sized miracle.

Finding fulfillment

Over winter break, I had the opportunity to travel to East Asia to talk to college students about the true meaning of Christmas.

In Haiti, homes that Jesus built

Stuart HarrisTwelve other people and I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in Guibert, Haiti, doing construction at a boy's orphanage. Our work including pouring concrete, putting new windows into one of the rooms and painting two other rooms, one of which became a new living area for the youngest boys at the orphanage.

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