Asia: Ghost holiday

Asia: Ghost holiday and a burden for the lost

Student Missions Blog: As we walked outside to get our scooters to leave our supervisor’s apartment, our supervisor rushed out to show us something. We had heard firecrackers go off all night, and he pointed out why: Ghost holiday.

Rio Grande Valley

Rio Grande Valley: Welcome to campus

Student Missions Blog: The school year finally has begun at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The staff from the Baptist Student Ministry had been preparing since the first week of August, and we finally opened the doors of our building to welcome students.

Student Missions Blog

Vancouver: It’s not all about me

Student Missions Blog: In the months leading up to my departure for missions service in Vancouver, Canada, I was reminded constantly of the “great sacrifice” I am making. But I’m not the only person making sacrifices.

Student Missions Blog

Reflecting on lessons learned in Portland

Student Missions Blog: This past summer in Portland was long, and it was hard, but it was so good.

Student Missions Blog

South Asia: Hurting and hopeless women

Student Missions Blog: Recently, I went to the red light district of the area where I am living. We worked with the children of the prostitutes there and helped them with school work. The problem is so much bigger than I am. But I had to remember it is not bigger than my Father.

Student Missions Blog

STCHM: Oceans in South Texas

Student Missions Blog: Six months ago, I sang the song “Oceans” at Go Now Discovery Weekend, begging God to take me out of my comfort zone. As a summer worker at the South Texas Children’s Home Ministries in Pettus, I discovered my own ocean in a town of 1,700 people.

Student Missions Blog

NYC: Shopping prompts spiritual conversations

Student Missions Blog: Early in the summer, my biggest preoccupation was figuring out how to start a conversation. Looking back at my doubts and questions, I have learned that sharing the love of Jesus is one of the easiest things to do.

Student Missions Blog

Alaska: Precious memories

Student Missions Blog: Trying to pick one story from this summer has proven to be a difficult task. It’s not because there are none that stick out to me, but because the most meaningful stories are the little glimpses of love I saw throughout the summer:

Student Missions Blog

New York: Stopping to learn one homeless man’s story

Student Missions Blog: Working in New York City has been a challenge and a blessing. God has been at work—from the little children I have worked with, to the homeless man I shared a conversation and a bottle of water with.

Student Missions Blog

Mission Arlington: The excitement of discovery

Student Missions Blog: It was one of our rougher apartment complexes. I had been warned the kids typically were loud, disrespectful and disobedient. It was my first week teaching them, and I was a little nervous.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: Beauty and pain on display

Student Missions Blog: Most of the world is asleep at 4 a.m.. I am normally asleep at that time, but not one recent morning. I sat on the top of a mountain, shivering from head to toe, and waiting for the sun to rise.

Student Missions Blog

Thailand: Lessons of love and light from a dark place

Student Missions Blog: My last month is Bangkok was a tough one, but it was so good. I have learned so much about God’s character in the time that I was in Thailand, and this last month really helped me put all my thoughts together.

Student Missions Blog

Peru: Goodbye to people I grew to love

Student Missions Blog: My neighbor, Michael, asked me what I liked most about Curahuasi. I thought a little bit before giving my answer. It was our last day in Peru. I had a lot of things on my mind as we walked the city’s streets.

Student Missions Blog

New York: God can work anywhere, anytime—even back home

Summer Missions Blog: This summer, I had the privilege to work in New York City once again. However, instead of a two-week trip, it turned into a two-month trip.

Student Missions Blog

Meridian: Every David needs a Jonathan

Student Missions Blog: On my last Sunday serving as a student missionary in Meridian, I was given the opportunity to preach at First Baptist Church in Cranfills Gap. I preached about the relationship between Jonathan and David as recorded in 1 Samuel.

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