Students Peru

Peru: Prayer is powerful

Student Missions Blog: Prayer is powerful. As we Sunday school teachers gathered to pray for our students, I felt a fire burn in my heart for the lesson I was to teach that day.

Students Denton

Denton: Hard times, hard hearts

Student Missions Blog: I am learning when you make the conversation about meeting their needs and hearing about their lives, the Holy Spirit moves.

Student blog Peru

Peru: Feeding the hungry

Student Missions Blog: Seeing the kids from the program and their involvement in my classroom makes my heart sing with joy.

Students on Mission

Peru: Let the fire burn bright

Student Missions Blog: On a recent Sunday after church, the pastor brought out a small grill he bought and wanted to use. He had never grilled in his life, and I had never started a fire in my life. 

GoNowMissions New York

New York City: God at work

Student Missons Blog: Walking the streets of New York City, we often pass unnoticed what is really going on around us.


Denton: Watching my girls grow in Christ

The fact that God chooses to use me and us in his sovereign plan never gets old to me. God is big enough and mighty enough to move mountains and change lives on his own, but God uses me—daily.

Students on Mission

Peru: Living Water and Light of the World

Student Missions Blog: As I complete my first month serving here in Peru, I have learned to value many things I took for granted back home—things like water and light.

Students On Mission

Following God to New York City

Students On Misson Blog: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve watched all the Spider-Man movies, The Devil Wears Prada and all those other cool movies that take place in New York City.

Students Peru

Peru: Divine purpose, not chance

Students On Mission: When I prayed before starting my devotional, I gave thanks to God for surrounding me with such amazing people here in Peru.

Students on Mission

Tyler: Hunger for the love of Jesus

Student Missions Blog: Recent weeks have been a whirlwind of activities and events. God has moved in radical ways, and I am amazed at the power of his love.

University of North Texas

Denton: Life is different, but God is good

Students On Mission Blog: Life is good—so good, but so different. Truthfully, I do not know how else to describe the change that has taken place in my life, but my God has been faithful.

Students on Mission blog

Peru: Don't give up

Students on Mission Blog: As I prepare the lessons for the kids in the children’s ministry and feeding program here in Peru, I have found out it’s quite a challenge, because these kids do not want to learn.

Sharel Gaskey

London: Prayer with homeless immigrants

Students On Mission Blog: I never thought God would challenge me as I walked the streets of London alone taking photos of artwork that covered the walls.

GoNowMissions Alaska

Alaska: Meet them where they are

Students On Mission: When a water sprinkler interrupts the planned mission activities, love means going with the flow.

Living Vine

Savannah: Reflection on lessons learned

As I look in the mirror, I recognize God did not make a mistake. I have learned that who I am in Christ is exactly who I am supposed to be.

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