My apartment, my mission field

refugee kidsLife here in Fort Worth is pretty different. We live in an apartment complex where we are surrounded by refugees.

Remember those in prison

Through one of my new friends here, my teammate and I were able to visit a prison located in the city.

Someone waiting on the outside

On a recent Friday morning, my supervisor asked if I wanted to go down to the Huntsville Unit and see how release day works at the state prison.

Solid rock

For a couple of weeks, rocks, mud and sand have been our reality.

Making a friend

Just as the day was winding down, a young girl named Istabrak came into the World Relief office.

Sunlight and Water

Alaska treelineIn recent weeks, I have been able to go on several walks and hikes around Anchorage. A gorgeous trail made me think of two of my favorite things in nature—first sunlight in the morning and the sound of rushing water.


Blind to God's power

Stegall in WalesThe other day, my supervisor took my partner and me to a place in North Wales. When we got there and I stepped out of the car, my breath was just taken away.

Giving and receiving

A beautiful woman named Katherine entered the Hospitality House in Huntsville—a home away from home for people who have loved ones in prison.

Breathtaking reminder of God’s might

Working as a missionary here at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home here in Round Rock has been incredible.

A different dream

baby on roadMy friend, Henry, wanted to take a few people to a village here in Southeast Asia.

Pocket change

We walked around the city of Butuan, getting to know the stores and markets of our area. We are here as part of Nehemiah Teams, serving with Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the poor and impoverished.

Simple life, simple gospel

On a recent Sunday morning, my teammates and I were invited to a village, where one of our new friends lived.


U-turn toward Jesus

“Samantha,” she said while reclining in my lap, “you look like Chucky Cheese!”

Life-changing journey

I’m at a loss for words to describe my recent trip to Haiti. Words cannot paint an adequate picture to portray how God has changed not only my life, but also the lives of nearly 15,00 Haitian people in the small city of Ferrier.

Laying a foundation

Uganda kids“Children are a gift from the Lord,” Psalm 127:3 says. Then why are there thousands of these precious gifts with no family to care for them in Kampala, Uganda alone, not to mention the rest of the world?
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