Experiencing Salmon Frenzy

salmon frenzy“Alaska is the closest place to heaven on earth.” That’s what a man on a plane to Alaska told one of my teammates.

Sowing gospel seed

Among other ministries, we have had the opportunity this summer to work with the youth group at Southside Baptist Church here in Fort Collins, Colo.

Seeing neighbors come to Christ

Within the first two weeks of arriving in Venezuela, we developed strong friendships with our neighbors.

Don’t swallow the lies

One of the biggest ways that Satan will try to get you is from the inside. He’ll tell you that you’re not worth anything—that you’re not doing any good in life.

Craving a better dessert

 It’s a Thursday night, and sitting across the table from me is a very unlikely contact—a high-powered business professional in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Relying on God’s strength

We made our weekly trip to the countryside, but this time, the pastor didn’t accompany us.

Video surveys & divine appointments

One of the ways we help Inside Out church as the congregation is trying to get started here in Fort Collins, Colo., is by doing video surveys downtown.

Candy and Jesus

Candy and JesusLast week offered my teammates and me a welcome change of pace—serving in Vacation Bible School.

Knowing neighbors

Every Tuesday, we visit a few families from the church who live in the countryside.

Gospel seeds, rocky soil

I’ve been learning to never doubt when, where or how God will use one of his servants.

Living missionally, building relationships

So often, sharing our faith with a neighbor means to walk up and invite him to church. But for many, it seems church is becoming an outdated way to persuade the world.

Boldly sharing the gospel

One day we went to the house of a girl named Kelly from church.

Moving time

Through our work with Pursuit Church, we had the opportunity to serve the Namaqua Center—an organization that reaches out to grandparents or other elderly family members who are raising their grandchildren or underage kin.

Under the magnifying glass

Ever heard that people are watching closely when they know you are a Christian? That’s as true as it could be here at the amusement park where our team serves.

It feels good to be loved

It's been a busy, hectic time. Here in “the cave”—our underground apartment complex— we have added 15 GoTokyo high school-age interns.
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