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South Asia: Hurting and hopeless women

Student Missions Blog: Recently, I went to the red light district of the area where I am living. We worked with the children of the prostitutes there and helped them with school work. The problem is so much bigger than I am. But I had to remember it is not bigger than my Father.

Student Missions Blog

STCHM: Oceans in South Texas

Student Missions Blog: Six months ago, I sang the song “Oceans” at Go Now Discovery Weekend, begging God to take me out of my comfort zone. As a summer worker at the South Texas Children’s Home Ministries in Pettus, I discovered my own ocean in a town of 1,700 people.

Student Missions Blog

NYC: Shopping prompts spiritual conversations

Student Missions Blog: Early in the summer, my biggest preoccupation was figuring out how to start a conversation. Looking back at my doubts and questions, I have learned that sharing the love of Jesus is one of the easiest things to do.

Student Missions Blog

Alaska: Precious memories

Student Missions Blog: Trying to pick one story from this summer has proven to be a difficult task. It’s not because there are none that stick out to me, but because the most meaningful stories are the little glimpses of love I saw throughout the summer:

Student Missions Blog

New York: Stopping to learn one homeless man’s story

Student Missions Blog: Working in New York City has been a challenge and a blessing. God has been at work—from the little children I have worked with, to the homeless man I shared a conversation and a bottle of water with.

Student Missions Blog

Mission Arlington: The excitement of discovery

Student Missions Blog: It was one of our rougher apartment complexes. I had been warned the kids typically were loud, disrespectful and disobedient. It was my first week teaching them, and I was a little nervous.

Student Missions Blog

Oregon: Beauty and pain on display

Student Missions Blog: Most of the world is asleep at 4 a.m.. I am normally asleep at that time, but not one recent morning. I sat on the top of a mountain, shivering from head to toe, and waiting for the sun to rise.

Student Missions Blog

Thailand: Lessons of love and light from a dark place

Student Missions Blog: My last month is Bangkok was a tough one, but it was so good. I have learned so much about God’s character in the time that I was in Thailand, and this last month really helped me put all my thoughts together.

Student Missions Blog

Peru: Goodbye to people I grew to love

Student Missions Blog: My neighbor, Michael, asked me what I liked most about Curahuasi. I thought a little bit before giving my answer. It was our last day in Peru. I had a lot of things on my mind as we walked the city’s streets.

Student Missions Blog

New York: God can work anywhere, anytime—even back home

Summer Missions Blog: This summer, I had the privilege to work in New York City once again. However, instead of a two-week trip, it turned into a two-month trip.

Student Missions Blog

Meridian: Every David needs a Jonathan

Student Missions Blog: On my last Sunday serving as a student missionary in Meridian, I was given the opportunity to preach at First Baptist Church in Cranfills Gap. I preached about the relationship between Jonathan and David as recorded in 1 Samuel.

Student Missions Blog

Oklahoma: God worked in me

Student Missions Blog: This summer I served at a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence or human trafficking. These two terms carry heavy weight and stereotypes with them.

Student Missions Blog

New York: More than traditions

Student Missions Blog:  One of my Muslim friends invited me to the big end of Ramadan celebration called Eid ul-Fitr at the South Asian neighborhood at Queens Borough.

Student Missions Blog

East Asia: Blind but now I see

Student Missions Blog: When you think of East Asia, what do you see? What do you think of? I see people desperate for hope—for something to grab onto and believe in—for truth.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Homeless but blessed

Student Missions Blog: While walking around just outside Penn Station, my teammate, Tonya and I found Fu, a 53-year-old homeless man.

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