Change, constancy and truth-telling

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Baptist Standard Editor Marv Knox reflects on the Standard’s 125th anniversary this month:

What would Lewis Holland think?

Holland employed the highest communications technology of his day to launch the Baptist News—which eventually became the Baptist Standard—125 years ago this month. He ran paper through a printing press.

bs anniversary148The Baptist Standard is celebrating its 125th anniversary this month.

Now, the Standard never knox newEditor Marv Knoxtouches paper unless you print an article at home. The Standard is digital-only. That makes it a fitting cousin to FaithVillage, our social network and resources website for Christians. Oh, we still publish CommonCall our inspirational magazine, on paper. But folks often ask how they can find CommonCall articles—where else?—online.

So, I wonder what our founder would think. He couldn’t imagine transmitting articles, blogs and podcasts to small telephones in pockets and purses. Maybe “miracle” would cross his lips. I believe Holland and fellow editors who have gone to be with the Lord would cheer each advance. They would urge us to ride the cutting edge of technology.

What’s important is informing Christians about issues we face day to day. Delivery methods change, but the vital constant remains the same—tell the truth and trust the people.

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Here’s how you can celebrate our anniversary with us!


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