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“I tell our new members: You don’t join a preacher; you join the church. And you join the church for one reason—because you believe that God told you to plant your life there. If you join because of a style of preaching, that can change. If you join for the facilities or the programs, that can change. You’ve got to ask, ‘Where does God want me to invest my life?’ We don’t welcome spectators.”

Dan Yeary

Pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church, attended by presidential candidate John McCain (The Christian Century / Dallas Morning News)


“A faithful pastor cannot preach the gospel to unbelievers, let alone exhort and, dare I say, rebuke, backslidden and unregenerate church members, while satisfying a politically correct standard of niceness. This is the sort of niceness we could do with less of in our churches and nation. I pray ‘Say Something Nice Sunday’ does not spread to Florida and the Southern Baptist Convention. I fear participating churches may be unwittingly promoting something eternally harmful—a gospel-free Sunday.”

Jim Smith

Editor of the Florida Baptist Witness


“The church is not reducible to the flaws and the futilities and the fragilities of one’s human capacity. We’re all human and fragile.”

Michael Eric Dyson

Author and Georgetown University professor, speaking about why black members don’t leave churches when they disagree with their ministers, and why Catholics didn’t leave their parishes at the height of the sexual abuse scandal (RNS)


“The Conservative Resurgence failed to produce a Great Commission Resurgence.”

Ed Stetzer

Director of LifeWay Research for LifeWay Christian Resources, writing about the “decline” of the Southern Baptist Convention (www.lifeway.com)



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