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“I heard myself saying a lot: ‘God, you can't ask this of me. You can’t ask this of my family. This is too much. We can’t do this.’”

Steven Curtis Chapman

Christian singer/songwriter, speaking about his initial reaction to the death of his youngest daughter, Maria, who died in his family’s driveway after being struck by a vehicle driven by her older brother (Larry King Live/RNS)


“If this denomination doesn’t get desperate for God’s Son and a movement of the Holy Ghost of God in our denomination again, we’re in trouble. … Attendance at the recent (Southern Baptist) convention in Indianapolis dropped 20 percent. You can’t do that very often and not be in serious trouble.”

Johnny Hunt

Southern Baptist Convention president, addressing the annual summer leadership meeting of the North American Mission Board (RNS)


“Much of the white evangelical opposition to Mr. Romney is not based on principle. It is simply old-fashioned bigotry—a discomfort with Mr. Romney’s Mormon faith. White evangelicals need to be reminded that this is America—a republic where neither religious convictions nor the lack thereof disqualifies a politician from office.”

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The Washington Times

An editorial, noting white evangelicals’ preference for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist, as a running mate for Sen. John McCain rather than former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (RNS)


“Just as we promise to seek to move beyond the stereotyping of Muslims found in the media, can I ask you, my Muslim friends, to get to know us beyond what is reported in the newspapers and television programs?”

Geoff Tunnicliffe

International director of the World Evangelical Alliance, discussing a meeting of Muslim and Christian scholars (Reuters/RNS)


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