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“When will this unconscionable disparity touch our hearts? When will it begin to dawn on us that the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots is a subject worthy of our passion? When will North American Christians decide that what they consider essential for their families is essential for all?”

Kay Warren

AIDS activist and wife of megachurch pastor Rick Warren, addressing the disparities she sees between emergency medical treatment for her 1-month-old grandson and inadequate delivery rooms in Third World countries (Christianity Today/RNS)


“I would advise politicians, however, to be careful about faith in the public arena. … They should recognize—at least I have recognized—that I am a lowly sinner seeking redemption and therefore have been very careful about saying …, ‘If you don’t accept what I believe, you’re a bad person.’”

President George W. Bush

In an interview with StoryCorps’ National Day of Listening project (RNS)


“We failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves. For these failures we are profoundly sorry.”

Bob Jones University

A statement from the fundamentalist Christian school in Greenville, S.C., that did not admit African-American students until 1971 and banned interracial dating until 2000, apologizing for its racial policies (RNS)


“The more seriously we take God, the less seriously we need to take ourselves.”

Joel Hunter

Florida megachurch pastor, speaking about the need for evangelicals to be able to laugh at themselves (USA Today/RNS)



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