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“But for a deep-seated belief in God and firearms, this country would not be here today.”

Ken Pagano

Kentucky pastor who asked Christians to bring their guns to church for a celebration of firearms (New York Times/RNS)


“There is a movement afoot across the nation, with the gun lobby pushing the envelope, trying to allow concealed weapons to be carried in places where they used to be prohibited—churches, schools, bars. I don’t understand how any minister who is familiar with the teachings of the Bible can do this. Jesus didn’t say, ‘Go ahead, make my day.’”

John Phillips

Arkansas pastor who was shot while preaching in 1986, responding to Pagano (New York Times)


“I have plenty of sins, and I’m not going to tell you about them.”

Lindsey Graham

U.S. senator from South Carolina, responding to reporters’ questions bout an extramarital affair disclosed by Sen. John Ensign (Washington Post/RNS)


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