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“A lack of respect and civility in our discourse undermines our ability as a nation to solve our problems—and we have quite a lot of them at the moment.”

Richard Stengel

Managing editor of Time magazine, commenting on “a new level of discord” in American politics (Time)


“I hope for an America where no president, no public official, no individual will ever be deemed a greater or lesser American because of religious doubt—or religious belief. I hope for an America where the power of faith will always burn brightly, but where no modern inquisition of any kind will ever light the fires of fear, coercion or angry division.”

Edward Kennedy

Who died recently after a year-long fight with brain cancer, in a 1983 address to Liberty University (RNS)


“This is a moral failure by our nation, as we have disregarded the tradition of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln of treating detainees, in all manners of war, with fairness and even respect.”

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Evangelicals for Human Rights

Responding to a declassified 2004 CIA report documenting abuse of terrorism suspects in U.S. prisons (ABP)



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