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“If you have been gay your whole life and feel that that’s the way God made you, God bless you. But I would still say that that doesn’t mean you should act on that.”

Timothy Dolan

Archbishop of New York (New York magazine/RNS)


“I don’t know what God is asking or preparing you to do in relation to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. All I know is that we have been told to imitate Christ, and his health care strategy is whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever.”

George Barna

Pollster and author, discussing how he thinks Christians need to do more to meet people's medical needs rather than relying on the government (RNS)


“There hasn’t been what I would, as a Christian, call repentance. We haven’t heard people saying, ‘Well actually, no, we got it wrong, and the whole fundamental principle on which we worked was unreal, was empty.’”

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Rowan Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking about the global economic downturn (BBC/RNS)






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