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“If you saw a woman struck by a car, would you call an ambulance right away? Or would you first ask for her papers to make sure she was not an illegal immigrant?”

E.J. Dionne

Syndicated columnist, inisting self-interest and compassion should inspire Americans to be concerned about the well-being of undocumented immigrants (Washington Post/Christian Century)


“As Christians, we are asked to believe some pretty strange things that just defy logic, like Jesus was born to a virgin. If we can believe those things, how hard is it to believe we can win a national championship?”

Jerry Chaplain

Athletics director of Messiah College, an evangelical Christian school, which won three NCAA titles in the last school year (USA Today/RNS)


“The NIH director needs to focus on science. I have no religious agenda for the NIH.”

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Francis Collins

Director of the National Institutes of Health, and an evangelical Christian, whose work has focused on bridging the divide between religion and science (Associated Press/RNS)



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