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2nd Opinion: No problem too small to give to God

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5)

Can a person get “more” faith? You certainly can deepen the faith you have. You can build up your “faith muscles” with the proper exercises.

rich mussler120Rich MusslerYou see, a person of “little faith” trusts God for the big things but finds it difficult to let the Lord handle the smaller challenges of life. These folks believe in Jesus. They trust him for eternal salvation—certainly a big thing. Ironically, a person of “little faith” is unable to trust God to handle life’s routine, day-to-day issues.

A person of “little faith” chooses to handle life’s problem all alone. This can cause all sorts of stress. A car that quits running, an unexpected bill or sudden unemployment can throw a man or woman of “little faith” into an enormous tizzy.

Such Christians find it difficult to trust God when trouble comes their way. Jesus’ disciples were frightened when they supposed their boat was going to capsize during a storm. Jesus said to them: “O ye of little faith” and then calmed the sea. No big deal.

A person of great faith trusts Jesus with life’s smallest details. In fact, no issue is too miniscule for a person of great faith to turn over to Jesus.

Become a man or woman of great faith by exercising your faith muscles. Gradually, day by day, trust Jesus with some new aspect of your life. Let go of worrying and fretting—let Jesus sweat the small stuff. Allow the Lord to handle all of the details of your life, especially the small ones.

Soon, you’ll discover even though winds howl and storms threaten, they no longer concern you. You’ve become a person of great faith who trusts Jesus with every problem in life. Even the small ones.

Rich Mussler is an author from Flower Mound, Texas, and a member of First Baptist Church in nearby Lewisville. His books are available at

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