Second Opinion: I’m a black pastor. Here’s why I’m staying in the Southern Baptist Convention

Lawrence Ware’s recent New York Times op-ed, “Why I’m Leaving The Southern Baptist Convention,” raised questions about race and the future of the country’s largest Protestant denomination, which claims more than 15 million members. As a black pastor and the author of the SBC’s recent “Alt-Right Resolution,” many have asked me about my commitment to the convention.

I almost left the SBC 11 years ago, but I remain committed to the larger cause. Even when we do not fit well together, when we don’t understand each other and when we struggle to like each other, we need each other.

Cornerstone Baptist Church, where I pastor in Arlington, Tex., has been greatly helped by the SBC since we decided to join the SBC 33 years ago. The SBC needs pastors like me and multicultural congregations like the one I pastor to accomplish our shared mission to evangelize the entire world for Christ.

Believe me, there are plenty of things in the SBC that make me uncomfortable, and I don’t always …

Read the full article in The Washington Post.

William Dwight McKissic Sr. is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington.

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