2nd Opinion: What I learned from the PTO

I have been guilty of being ungrateful for those who attend our church. ... I have been guilty of bemoaning culture without appreciating those who swim against it. The PTO helped me see the light.


Guest Editorial: What can wash away my sin?

Instead of hoping the poor will recognize my help and be grateful, I can say of my gift: “Thank you. This is not out of the goodness of my heart but out of my need for forgiveness.”


2nd Opinion: Blind spots and church migraines

Recognizing blind spots as symptoms of deeper issues is a first step toward treating the underlying ailments that keep us from becoming all Christ intended us to be.


Commentary: Seven things I’m learning about transgender people

Science reveals nature undeniably plays a role in the development of transgender people, reports Mark Wingfield, associate pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas. (BNG)


Russell Moore: The real meaning of transgender bathrooms

The U.S. Department of Education's decision to demand public-school bathroom access on the basis of self-idenity rather than biological sex rescripts the most basic human intuitions about humanity as male and female, Russell Moore says.


Guest editorial: Four spiritual essentials for surviving election season

Mystery, generosity, empathy and humility—four spiritual essentials—can make God’s kingdom present, especially in an election year in our divided nation.(BNG)


2nd Opinion: In supporting Trump, do evangelicals reap what they’ve sown?

"I do not have much patience for evangelical leaders who are shocked and surprised so many people support Donald Trump. We have reaped what we have sown. We evangelicals can, and must, do better."


Analysis: Can America’s largest Protestant denomination stop Trump?

Russell Moore and some other Southern Baptist Convention leaders are speaking out against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—but to the consternation of others, such as Robert Jeffress of Dallas. (Slate)


2nd Opinion: Why Trump’s rise does not spell the end for the Christian right

If history is our guide, the differences between the Republican Party's God voters and the Country voters will not last long. American Protestants have been fusing God and Country for a long time.


2nd Opinion: The spirituality of Snoopy

How the faith of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, shaped his work. (The Atlantic)


Guest editorial: It is wrong to neglect the persecuted

It is inexcusable for one to use religious faith as a justification for ignoring the cries of the oppressed.


Commentary: The Rio Grande Valley needs families for children

"Let’s keep children in their home counties to lessen the trauma involved with removal. Let’s be people who live out their faith in action every day by caring for children in distress."


Guest editorial: America’s greatest weapon against terrorism? The hyphen

Choosing an ideology that advocates for violent destruction of one’s adopted home can happen only if people have rejected—or have been rejected by—the country in which they live.

2nd Opinion: Why faith-focused media outlets and coverage matter more now

2nd Opinion: Why faith-focused media outlets and coverage matter more now

Mainstream media tend to generalize religious beliefs because most media look at the world through a secular lens, and they do little to help readers understand the complex beliefs that comprise the world’s faith groups.


2nd Opinion: Keeping up with church—by counting

Numbers do matter, because people matter! Healthy churches find the best way to count.

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