Guest editorial: Is your church making you healthy or sick?

Could it be that one of the most important things your congregation does for you is enable you to fight off spiritual diseases and infections you could not defeat alone? A genuine and caring community will keep you healthier than you will be alone.

elderly hands

Commentary: Ministering to Alzheimer's caregivers in your congregation

Your church can take practical, effective steps to help ease the burden of people caring for victims of Alzheimer’s disease.


Guest editorial: On church conflict, 'I beg to differ'

Conflict in the church is inevitable, but it does not have to be personal or ugly. It does not have to create winners and losers. It does not have to be mean. But left untended, conflict can become all of those.

hospital gurney

Guest editorial: The ethics of health care explained. Am I my brother’s keeper?

By its very nature, insurance depends on those without immediate need helping those who receive service now.

vintage phone

‘The call,’ or ‘_ _ _ _, the preacher is coming’

The words pastors overhear—and overlook—often explain the context of ministry.

church comfort

Guest editorial: Why I love the church

When we are tempted to think about when the church has been its worst, we need to pause for a moment and remember when it was its best.


2nd Opinion: ‘School-choice’ vouchers provide solution to educational crisis

The head of Prestonwood Christian Academy contends a recent editorial opposing “school-choice” vouchers is wrong.


Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent alcohol abuse

On March 19, Baptist churches nationwide will observe Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday. In Texas, substance abuse typically involves alcohol.


Commentary: Divided evangelicals must counter fear with facts

When considering President Trump’s executive order on immigration and appeals to fear, it is time for evangelical Christians to consider facts—a necessary starting point for worshipping God with our minds.


2nd Opinion: What about the spiritual condition of extraterrestrial life?

If God has placed intelligent life on other planets in other solar systems, what is their spiritual condition?

pulpit and pews

Guest editorial: Pastor—a unique, contextual calling

Each Christian is responsible to God for fulfilling calling. … Being a pastor is more than what I do. It is who I am called to be.

tyler op-ed

2nd Opinion: Politicize our churches? No, thanks

Changing the law that prohibits churches and other charities from engaging in partisan politics is not about protecting free speech, asserts Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

man soup hungry

Guest editorial: Being the church

God calls us to be the physical presence of Christ in the world by literally caring for the hungry, thirsty, naked, imprisoned and the stranger. How could we possibly think this means only our sisters and brothers in our church and not the refugee, the immigrant, the homeless and the prisoner?

three crosses

Commentary: Christ, not America, first

God wants us to view everyone—regardless of their ethnicity, culture, nationality, politics, worldview, or socio-economic background—as people divinely loved by God and created in God’s image. (Sojourners)


Guest editorial: Creatively outrageous congregations

For churches, finding the sweet spot between outrageous imagination and walking by faith is a very spiritual place for God’s people to be. How is your congregation doing with that balance?

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