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Guest editorial: Remain true to Christ, not America's god

If we are willing to sacrifice fellowship over our understanding of sexuality but not over the name and nature of Christ, then what is it that guides our path?


2nd Opinion: A word to declining congregations—it’s not your fault

Many congregations across America are struggling with decline. They struggle in silence, because they are afraid it is their fault. It’s not.

Supreme Court

Guest editorial: Six issues to watch in the court’s Trinity Lutheran case

It may take years to fully grasp the import of the Supreme Court’s decision in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, where the court ruled 7-2 the state of Missouri had expressly and unjustifiably discriminated against a church by disqualifying it from receiving a public benefit solely because of the church’s religious character.


2nd Opinion: Old wolf of racism appears in alt-right sheep’s clothing

The base of the alt-right movement is “white nationalism, or at least white identity politics.”


Guest editorial: What if churches re-evaluate instead of scapegoat?

Scapegoating has become far too common among churches as a means of diverting attention from actual causes to projected ones.

Anti-Sharia march

Commentary: How anti-Shariah marches mistake Muslim concepts for law

A legal scholar explains Shariah law, and why—despite fears and protests to the contrary—it is not a threat to non-Muslims.

Armenian church behind barbed wire Baghdad, Iraq. (Photo: homocosmicos / Bigstock)

2nd Opinion: Returning Iraqi Christians to their persecutors

If the church in America isn’t outraged, vocal and actively pursuing a reversal of the policy of deporting Iraqi Christians back to their homeland, then who will? Who will stop an action that will send these people back to Iraq to face almost certain intense persecution and potentially death? (Baptist News Global)


Guest editorial: Lessons from a palm tree

A longtime missionary observes how palm trees provide a compelling metaphor for spiritual resilience.


Guest editorial: What I learned after the Pulse nightclub shooting

The pastor of one of Orlando’s leading evangelical congregations reflects upon lessons learned from the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, which took place a year ago at a gay nightclub in his city.


Commentary: Be strong, brave in the face of hate

Now is the time to go beyond merely opposing racist speech and criticizing hateful rhetoric. Now is the time to intervene. (Sojourners)

Lupfer op-ed

2nd Opinion: Why religious liberty trumps free birth control

“To the greatest extent possible, people should not be compelled by the state to violate their consciences. That’s what religious freedom means, and it is a foundational American value.”

earth hands

2nd Opinion: I refuse to forget the Christians advocating for climate action

The reality of climate change is clear; our political resolve and our theological commitments are in doubt.

storm clouds

Guest editorial: Where is God when life gets tough?

Veteran pastor Barry Howard struggles with a persistent question: “Where is God when bad stuff happens?”

Tx capitol

Guest editorial: Texans, including lawmakers, must rise above physical aggression

Legislators set a bad example when they scuffled on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives. We should expect better.

welcome visitors

Commentary: The stranger in our midst

Making guests feel welcome in your church requires intentionality—and the work of members and pastors alike.

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