George W. Truett on religious liberty

Standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol May 16, 1920, Baptist statesman and Dallas pastor George W. Truett delivered one of the greatest speeches on Christian political responsibility, “Baptists and Religious Liberty.”

Former editors speak on Christian citizenship and religious liberty

Former editors speak on Christian citizenship and religious liberty

Baptist Standard editors from the past offer wisdom on religious liberty, separation of church and state, and matters of Christian citizenship.


2nd Opinion: Does your church possess God’s empowering vision?

Church consultant George Bullard offers seven steps for evaluating whether your church has an empowering vision.


Guest editorial: Election- year ministry tension

Presidential election years provide treacherous times to exercise both the prophetic and pastoral dimensions of doing church together.

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Guest editorial: The radicality of being OK

Is God really as anxious about God’s glory, God’s plan, God’s place in the world, God’s honor, and God’s power as we might imagine? (I’m Eric Minton)


2nd Opinion: Praying for political leaders makes a significant difference

We pray for politicians because prayer may ignite a reminder to care for children, pursue justice or restrain evil in the mind of a legislator or other official.


Analysis: Republicans, Democrats and their inverted culture war

Republicans and Democrats alike shed decades-old culture war expectations during their conventions this summer.

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Commentary: 'Created equal' and hope for girls

In the same way we need to work diligently toward chipping away at generations of racial oppression, we also need to keep working toward gender equality.


2nd Opinion: Why white ministers must insist, ‘Black Lives Matter’

We’ve been saying, “White lives matter” ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. It’s past time for white Christians to acknowledge the ongoing sin of racism, confess our own biases and seek to create new patterns of thought and behavior. (Faith & Leadership)


Opinion: Overcoming a pastor’s moral failure

Churches can take steps to provide support, ensure accountability and facilitate healing in the wake of a traumatic spiritual event.


Guest editorial: A faith community persecuted in 100 countries

While there certainly are people of minority faiths in Muslim-majority countries who face severe oppression and persecution, it does not negate the fact Muslims remain one of the most persecuted faith communities around the world.


Commentary: It’s time for churches to step forward and heal national wounds

In the aftermath of the events in Dallas and other tragic events in Louisiana and Minnesota, Jim Denison says, Christians can take steps to help our nation become the “United” States our founders envisioned.


2nd Opinion: America’s problem is not racial tension; it’s racism

To overcome racism and racial tension, Americans cannot simply shout “peace, peace” from the sidelines when there is no peace. They must run into the pain and chaos when others run away.


Guest editorial: The ‘talk’ black parents must have with their kids is unjust and also unfair

The mere fact black parents have to have this "talk" (about policing) means our society accepts that black children don't get to enjoy childhood the way nonblack children do, and it means our society accepts that black children will not be treated fairly. (Houston Chronicle)


2nd Opinion: Eclipse of white Christian America

A once-powerful demographic group is losing ground in American politics. (The Atlantic)

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