First Person: John Crowder

First Person: In West, tradition continues as love endures

First Baptist Church in West has made great progress since the fertilizer-plant explosion rocked our community April 17. But the holidays were difficult.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Nonprofit business plans

Have you heard the comment, “Nonprofit institutions are attempting to operate with a broken business plan”? Do you agree? If so, how do we fix the business plans?

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: God's word and Duck Dynasty controversy

One’s choice is his right and, thus, should be respected, whatever it may be. But a person cannot pledge allegiance to both man’s word and God’s word.

Down Home

Down Home: A New Year’s Sabbath resolution

I crossed from one year into the next for the 58th time, and I doubt I’ve resolved anything on more than four or five occasions.

In Touch

In Touch: Thanks for allowing us to serve you

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving Texas Baptists this past year, 2013. 

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: ‘Live simply & have a blessed Christmas’

It has become customary for followers of Christ to encounter, in the circumstances of Jesus’ birth, the option to live simply.

Reflection on a reporter's responsibility

Reflection on a reporter's responsibility

Toby Druin joined the Baptist Standard as associate editor in 1976 and served as editor from 1996 to 1999. As part of our 125th anniversary celebration, he offers his reflections on the Standard from his background as a reporter.

Watchman on the wall

Baptist Standard: Watchman on the wall

Presnall H. Wood served as editor of the Baptist Standard from 1977 to 1995. As part of our 125th anniversary celebration, here are excerpts from his next-to-last editorial, published in the Dec. 6, 1995, edition of the Baptist Standard:

The Standard and Kennedy's election

The Baptist Standard and Kennedy's election

As part of the Baptist Standard's 125th anniversary celebration, Walker Knight, Standard associate editor under Editor E. S. James, recalls the interaction between James and then-candidate John F. Kennedy concerning the issue of separation of church and state.

Change, constancy and truth-telling

Change, constancy and truth-telling

Baptist Standard Editor Marv Knox reflects on the Standard's 125th anniversary this month.

In Touch

In Touch: Grateful for our grandchild

 I am especially grateful this season, because of the birth of Anne Marie Hardage, Kathleen’s and my first grandchild. 

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Why celebrate Christmas?

Some argue we shouldn't observe Christmas because it's a Christianized pagan holiday, or because it promotes a misguided belief in Santa Claus, or it's too materialistic.  But Joe B. Hewitt says there are plenty of reasons to mark the birth of Jesus.

RIght or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Training for laity

Rhetoric abounds about the need for ministerial education, but what about leadership training for laity? Are we missing opportunities for addressing church health?

Down Home

Down Home: Christmas in stages this year

Christmas is arriving in stages this year, sort of, thanks some to complicated family logistics.

Down Home

Down Home: Don’t criticize a woman until you’ve shaved a mile with her razor

An ankle injury forces Marv to apologize to women everywhere for his insensitivity. Shaving your legs actually is hard.

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