Guest editorial: It is wrong to neglect the persecuted

It is inexcusable for one to use religious faith as a justification for ignoring the cries of the oppressed.


Commentary: The Rio Grande Valley needs families for children

"Let’s keep children in their home counties to lessen the trauma involved with removal. Let’s be people who live out their faith in action every day by caring for children in distress."


Guest editorial: America’s greatest weapon against terrorism? The hyphen

Choosing an ideology that advocates for violent destruction of one’s adopted home can happen only if people have rejected—or have been rejected by—the country in which they live.

2nd Opinion: Why faith-focused media outlets and coverage matter more now

2nd Opinion: Why faith-focused media outlets and coverage matter more now

Mainstream media tend to generalize religious beliefs because most media look at the world through a secular lens, and they do little to help readers understand the complex beliefs that comprise the world’s faith groups.


2nd Opinion: Keeping up with church—by counting

Numbers do matter, because people matter! Healthy churches find the best way to count.


Guest Editorial: To see religion boost public health, watch ‘Call the Midwife’

What the program shows us is how the NHS, planned during the war and created just afterward, partnered with a religious organization to deliver high-quality care to those most in need.


Guest Editorial: Tocqueville would worry about U.S. character

America's urgent, long-term task is to revitalize our national character by restoring widespread, genuine respect for the ethical principles of all religions that support freedom. While Alexis de Tocqueville warned meeting this challenge would be difficult, he cautioned us never to lose heart.


2nd Opinion: How covenants make us

New York Times columnist David Brooks contrasts the national importance of forging covenants, which protect relationships, versus drafting contracts, which protect interests. (New York Times


2nd Opinion: The 20-Year Rule

Adopt the 20-Year Rule for churches and clergy.  When someone looks at a painful situation in your congregation and asks you if you think all is lost, just respond by saying: “I don’t know. Ask me in 20 years.”


Guest editorial: The unexamined life is worth living

If God gives you the ability to enjoy what has been given, to see purpose in toil, and to skirt the distraction of constant brooding over what has been or is to come, then you can find gladness of heart.


2nd Opinion: The problem of the half-churched Christian

America has a whole bunch of half-churched Christians. It is hard for church leaders to teach anybody anything in a sustained manner if hardly anyone is present in a sustained manner.


Guest editorial: How much should churches pay their ministers?

Perhaps the most disingenuous thing churches do to ministers is offer a “package” and say to the minister, “You get to divide it up any way you like.” This lets the church talk about how much it pays the ministers, but it often is a misleading number.


Commentary: A different kind of Christian politician

Reddin Andrews’ version of religiously motivated, non-Marxist, democratic socialism illustrates economic reform movements under the socialist banner have not been of one mind.


Guest editorial: Want a healthier congregation? Start with better meetings

Fortunately, when it comes to holding better meetings, there is a middle path between the rock of ham-fisted control and the mushy place of avoidance.

Guest Editorial: Pathway to peace for a polarized political process

Guest Editorial: Pathway to peace for a polarized political process

The relationship between the late Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might provide a pathway to peace for our polarized political process.

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