storm clouds

Guest editorial: Where is God when life gets tough?

Veteran pastor Barry Howard struggles with a persistent question: “Where is God when bad stuff happens?”

Tx capitol

Guest editorial: Texans, including lawmakers, must rise above physical aggression

Legislators set a bad example when they scuffled on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives. We should expect better.

welcome visitors

Commentary: The stranger in our midst

Making guests feel welcome in your church requires intentionality—and the work of members and pastors alike.

door hand light

2nd Opinion: A pair of sixtysomethings offer advice to young people

Life—and God’s grace—provide valuable lessons for daily living.


Guest editorial: Growing in compassion—the blessing of family reunification

A foster mother describes the complicated, poignant decision she and her husband made to serve not only the child in their care, but also his mother.


Guest editorial: It’s a God thing

What, exactly, comprises a “God thing”?


Guest editorial: Watching the future emerge together

One of the most important things we can do is get with people who look expectantly for God’s future and talk about what we’re seeing.


Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent teen suicide

Churches can bless and protect at-risk children and teens by knowing the warning signs of suicide and acting swiftly and compassionately to help them.


2nd Opinion: Lessons from ‘the underside’

Experiences from around the world and across the decades provide lessons learned from the powerless-yet-hopeful, missions professor Rob Sellers asserts.

SW rapper profs

Guest editorial: Why a racially insensitive photo by Southwestern Seminary profs matters

Preaching professors at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary created controversy—and launched a discussion about racism—when they dressed up as rappers, took a photo and posted it on Twitter. (Washington Post)

FBC Decatur

2nd Opinion: The church’s surprising public contribution

Can you name the “public contributions” made by churches? Ethicist/professor/pastor David Gushee suggests three answers. (RNS)

SCOTUS playground

Guest editorial: To avoid meddling, government should not fund churches

A Supreme Court case involving state aid for a church playground could alter the landscape of church-state relations.

cross sunbeams

Guest editorial: Are you living on the right side of Easter?

Do you and your church live in the shadows of pre-Easter fear or the light of post-Easter hope and confidence?

united airplane

Commentary: Lies lead to violence …

Try to imagine the positive outcomes—and the avoidance of negative consequences—if United Airlines had not lied to passengers on Flight 3411. Apply that to everyday life. (Sojourners)

children smile

Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent child abuse

Child abuse is an epidemic in Texas. Here’s how your church can help prevent, report and respond to abuse.

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