Opinion: In Tucson’s shadow, hurting & healing together

In Tucson, when the president pursed his lips and paused as he spoke of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, the heart of every parent in the nation also pursed and paused.

2nd Opinion: ‘Nones’ require recovered witness

Recent polls show a dramatic increase in the number of Americans who self-identify as having no religious affiliation.  If these "nones" are increasing, then who are they and what might their identity suggest for the church?

In Focus: Gratitude to—and for—Texas Baptists

There is no other family as uniquely gifted as the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Our past reminds us of a remarkable impact on our state, nation and even our world.

Quotes in the News

“Sometimes, I think evangelicals come at people so hard and so fast and don’t take time to listen to where somebody is. We can just try to have a lighter touch sometimes.” --Condoleezza Rice

Reading the Culture: Kit Carson and the self-made soul

We Texans still admire the self-made success who rises to prominence through unaided toil and grit. But self-sufficiency is spiritual suicide.

RIGHT or WRONG? Leave Christianity in the name of Christ

Novelist Anne Rice recently said, “I leave Christianity in the name of Christ.” Is it possible to remain faithful to Christ while leaving Christianity?

DOWN HOME: Frosty the Snowman says: Mail your tithe

The other day, I read a news story that claimed 2010 was the warmest year on record. I had a hard time reading because I was shivering so hard I could hardly focus on the words.

Comment: Time to reflect on women's honored place in the gospel story

Women are honored in the Christmas story and throughout the narratives of Jesus's ministry. But something happened, and the honor Jesus gave women was taken away from them.


Quotes in the News

“Advent is a season of both preparation and repentance. Christians are not only preparing for the celebration of the birth of a Savior. We are also preparing ourselves to stand before Christ at his second coming with pure hearts, clean minds and blameless spirits.” --Kevin Johnson

2nd Opinion: Christmas, from outside the box

Think back on your most-memorable Christmases. Those memories have little to do with Santa Claus or presents or decorations. When we recall our fondest Christmases, they never came wrapped in paper and tied with a ribbon.

IN FOCUS: Thanks for God’s indescribable gift

It continues to be incomprehensible that God would empty himself by becoming a man and humble himself by death on the cross that we might have life.

Reading the Culture: Authentic joy

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come.” We will sing Isaac Watts’ famous words across this Christmas season, but how many of us will feel what we sing? How can we?

RIGHT or WRONG? Helping world Baptists

Are we so self-centered and content that we can’t provide major assistance to expand the Baptist movement worldwide?

DOWN HOME: Impatience isn’t what it used to be

This year, I’m reconnecting with a personality trait I tried to toss behind in childhood. I’m talking about impatience.

Opinion: Celebrities and saints

Three Cups of TeaAmericans’ obsession with celebrities seems inexhaustible. But the stories of Greg Mortenson, a mountain climber and nurse, and American journalist David Oliver Relin illustrate the difference between celebrity and saint.

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