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Commentary: What do we do now?

This election like few others will set the course of our nation for decades to come. Your involvement is a privilege paid with the lives of others. Few people on earth have this privilege. Vote. Pray. Proclaim the hope we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.


2nd Opinion: Respond to the cry of the elderly

Ministry to the elderly and their caregivers is a wide-open—and needed—opportunity for congregations.


Guest editorial: Provide retirement benefits for church staff members

With a minimum investment each month, any church can start a retirement program and help its staff members one day retire with dignity.

great again

Guest editorial: Studying history is essential for the strength of our democracy

Any politician who wants to make America great again must come to grips with the fact that African-Americans were slaves and the victims of Jim Crow laws. Women were second-class citizens in a patriarchal society that did not give them voting rights.


2nd Opinion: It’s an odd time to be a male

It’s time for Christian men to ask: What have I done to foster a culture where sexual abuse and gender bias are called out for the evil they are? When have I spoken up to say this prevailing attitude is not right? (BNG)

America great

2nd Opinion: Our best chance for healing and moving forward

As we look past this presidential election, let’s figure out how we find common ground to establish a foundation for empathy and cooperation.


2nd Opinion: On the erosion of our national character

We need a renewal of moral seriousness in this country. We need to retrieve religious and moral resources easily available to us for the cultivation of character.

Asia Bibi

Act TODAY to save a Christian life

Your advocacy is needed today to help save the life of a Christian in Pakistan, Asia Bibi.

Bible glow

Guest editorial: The Christian and God’s truth

All truth is God’s truth, and the “truths” we own personally aren’t always 100 percent right. We’ll all be shown wrong at some level, in this life or the next. Guaranteed.

cellphone fight

Guest editorial: The civility of discourse

We may have the liberty to say whatever we wish, but doing so may destroy/damage something, not only in others, but something deep inside ourselves.


Commentary: Abortion is not valid genetic control

In tackling genetic disease, Christians must show the world abortion is not the answer, while providing smart solutions, such as genetic testing for young couples before they begin having children and pursuing actual cures to genetic conditions.


2nd Opinion: Help your daughter find her worth in Christ, not from culture

If we are faithful to teach our daughters where true worth can be found and model a commitment to those truths in our homes as well as in our own lives, they will be less likely to look to the world when it comes to defining their worth.


Guest editorial: Praise God for a caring Savior

Jesus understood his followers needed both spiritual food and physical food. God cares about every detail of our lives, every single one.

all roads

2nd Opinion: Roads to Rome, and poor sermons

What’s the difference between a great sermon and a very poor sermon? Jesus.


Guest editorial: Consciences—distressed and dissenting

Think political dissent has no connection to grace and gospel? Tell that to Fannie Lou Hamer. And your own conscience. (BNG)

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