Quotes in the News

“We believe God calls us to live in peace—and to oppose all those who would use his name to justify violence and murder.” --George W. Bush

RIGHT or WRONG? Building 'green'

We are in the beginning stages of adding on to our church building. Many members think we should “build green.” Can we base that sentiment on a Christian rationale?

2nd Opinion: Practice friendship as God’s gift

I wonder whether we’ve done the hard work of discerning what true friendship means.

DOWN HOME: Good conversation with a happy dog

When we visited the kennel, the breeder brought out Topanga and all her siblings. “This one,” she said, holding up our future dog, “thinks she’s a person.”

IN FOCUS: 2008 BGCT reminder: What a family

The annual meeting was a time when members of our family came together from all over Texas—and beyond—and celebrated what God is doing.

Quotes in the News

"Don’t let me miss the open door. Show me where the open door is. ..."--Gov. Sarah Palin

RIGHT or WRONG? Women in ministry

I have trouble with women in ministry. A friend of mine said the practice is not new, though. I say it is. Who’s right?

DOWN HOME: Catholics, donuts & one deadly sin

Contemplating coffee, donuts and the Seven Deadly Sins.

IN FOCUS: Epic election, significant name change

Even though we continue to have significant political differences as a country, we all should be grateful for this momentous milestone.

Quotes in the News

"We kept the faith."--Walter Fauntroy

RIGHT or WRONG? Staff termination

Does a fired church staff member have legal recourse?

Opinion: Regardless of politics, a reason for America to rejoice

Nov. 5, 2008, was the most improbable day of my 34-year-old life. The unlikely elevation of an African American to the presidency is just the latest episode in what the president-elect himself has called "the unlikely story that is America."

DOWN HOME: A long road trip & deep gratitude

According to MapQuest, 573.17 miles separate my home in Coppell from the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. Funny, but it only seems like 570.

IN FOCUS: Pray for ‘something transformational’

As we gather in Fort Worth for our 2008 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting Nov. 10-11, let’s pray God will give us a dream as big as the needs of Texas.

Quotes in the news

“We weren’t trying to pick a fight. We just did a story on a ... trend in a lot of churches.”--Teresa Hairston
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