RIGHT OR WRONG: Partisanship and incivility

How can progress be made on the big problems of society if people treat one another so badly?

2nd Opinion: Profits at root of healthcare crisis

U.S. health care is a mess. Will a trillion dollars really make any difference? Tune in after the Congress returns from its August recess to find out.

IN FOCUS: Will hope overcome fear?

Will the hope of Christ that El Paso churches are sharing through Texas Hope 2010 spill over into Juarez?

Quotes in the News

"We deplore those interpreters of Islam and religious leaders who use a rhetoric that promotes a false sense of insecurity and paranoia in Muslim mobs."

RIGHT or WRONG? Transparency

Too much church business goes on behind closed doors. How can our church balance operating on a need-to-know basis and making the truth easily accessible for any church member?

DOWN HOME: Simply divine: a summer sandwich

This just in from the Simple Pleasures Department: For summertime eating, you can’t beat a pimento cheese sandwich topped with fresh tomato slices.


Cartoon: Energy Drink

Cartoon: “Fess up. Did you put an ‘energy drink’ in the communion cups again?”

Quotes in the news

“The relationships that are being built mean everything. ... When an evangelical Christian gets to know a Muslim, the whole defense of Islam has stepped up to a higher level because ... you’re no longer talking about a religion. You’re talking about my friend.” --Joel Hunter

2nd Opinion: True value: Freedom of conscience

David Gushee says freedom of conscience is a sacred value that easily disappears if not protected vigilantly.

IN FOCUS: Do we really mean, ‘Come as you are’?

Unfortunately, some of the negative impressions outsiders have of Baptists come from listening to our conversations and watching our lives.

RIGHT or WRONG? Earth-friendly

How can I teach my children to be more earth-friendly?

DOWN HOME: Sometimes fear can teach you a lesson

For a second, I experienced a clear and present fear: “You’re the King of Doofuses. You’re about to turn this jet ski over on top of yourself."


“Because of the drought, we recommend placing an extra brick in the baptistry and only baptize on odd-numbered Sundays.”

2nd Opinion: Ready or not, change is coming

Change means different things to different people. And change is a part of life.

IN FOCUS: Texas Baptists & sexual ethics

Recently, the issue of homosexuality has reappeared, and questions are asked about the position of the Baptist General Convention of Texas related to this issue.
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