Separation of Church and State: A Value Worth Preserving

When any group attains a majority, there is a temptation to blur the line of separation of church and state when it is favorable to them. However, in order to protect the free exercise of religion for all, the rights of the minority must be preserved.

Quotes in the News

“Our faith motivates and inspires us, but we do not proselytize.” --Dirk Frans


Recount your blessings.

2nd Opinion: Missions gain 21st-century faces

The Global Mission Leadership initiative by the Baylor School of Social Work, with Jennifer Smyer as the director, is enabling a different way of thinking and doing global missions.

IN FOCUS: Partnerships empower missions

How do we make disciples of all the nations with costs increasing, missions giving down and doors closing to North Americans in some countries?

RIGHT or WRONG? Cremation

Our family cannot decide whether cremation is biblically acceptable. Can you provide some biblical reference points or standards?

DOWN HOME: Hot dog, it’s time to talk about hell

Some people call these the “dog days” of summer. If you ask me, that seems awfully unfair to canines.

Commentary: Decision on Islamic Center in tradition of religious liberty

New York City officials have taken care to treat the planned Islamic center the same way they would treat plans for a YMCA or Jewish community center in this space.  In so doing, these officials have honored core dictates of religious freedom.

Commentary: BWA participation provokes stewardship

The Baptist World Alliance convenes our World Congress this week. Baptist Christians from more than 500 hundred countries are represented by the BWA. Among the very good friends that we will see are our mission partners from the countries supported by the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.


“When I said a higher power was here, I meant the electrical lineman.”

IN FOCUS: Southern Baptists miss out on BWA

I believe it is time for the Southern Baptist Convention to come back to the Baptist World Alliance. The SBC held a leadership role from the founding of the BWA in 1905 until a few years ago, when it voted to withdraw.

Quotes in the News

“I prayed multiple times a day, sang hymns with emotion and tears, felt each time that it wouldn't happen again, read the Bible every morning. ... So how in the world did I have a ‘torrid’—which is an accurate word—many-year affair?” --Mark Souder

Reading the Culture: Does morality require religion?

DenisonDoes morality require religion? This question was the topic for a debate in which I participated recently with the Dallas Philosopher’s Forum.


RIGHT or WRONG? Bio-ethics

As medicine implements stem-cell research, genetic engineering and other scientific achievements, are we violating the created will of God?

DOWN HOME: Pondering Popo, but looking ahead

Popo’s been on my mind all week. I always think about Mother’s father a lot this time of year. His birth day was Aug. 2—the same day as this edition of the Baptist Standard—104 years ago.
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